Vaquero Navarrete wins unanimous decision to Rubén Villa and is the new WBO featherweight world champion

El Vaquero Navarrete gana decisión unánime a Rubén Villa y es nuevo campeón mundial pluma OMB

Emmanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete beat Ruben Villa by unanimous decision to be crowned featherweight world champion of the OMB Friday night in Las Vegas.

The new champion twice knocked down town at the beginning of the fight. First in the opening round, and then in the fourth episode. With that, Navarrete he built an advantage that was crucial to avoiding a close fight.

And is that Navarrete did not make the fight more lucid, but he knew how to impose his physical superiority on a Ruben Villa it looked so much smaller. He Cowboy he looked powerful in his first featherweight title fight. He still looks big for the category, with very long arms. And furthermore, the blows of town, who was known to be not a great puncher, never moved to Navarrete.

But, while looking big and powerful, Navarrete it also looked slow and heavy. He could never find that frenetic pace that he used to display as a super bantamweight to finish off his rival. It can be a thousand things: that it requires adjusting to the new category, that it requires working on weight gain by focusing on muscle mass, which are times that you cannot train regularly. Anyway.

However, Navarrete he looked superior from the very first round. It is true that at times he can seem like a strange fighter. Ungainly, arrhythmic, exposed, open, bumpy, unnaturally changing guard. But, suddenly, he is capable of certain subtleties in his boxing that are what excite Mexican fans.

In that first round, Navarrete gave a sample of those subtleties, when he gave his first fall. He pretended he was going to throw a left hook up, but when town He took the bait and moved his glove Navarrete He switched to a long and powerful upper. The blow went in dried to the chin of town and shook his head violently. Between surprised and hurt, town he sat down on the canvas. He got up somewhat shaken, but in good condition.

In those first rounds, Navarrete he looked more confident. With more control of the ring. Y townShaken and somewhat fearful, he couldn’t find rhythm or distance in their fight.

In the fourth episode, the Cowboy Navarrete gave him town the second knocks down. At a crossroads, where both fighters fired their punches, the Cowboy He was faster and won his hand, thrusting a violent left hand that shook the head of town. He went to the canvas and got up quickly to continue in the fight.

In four rounds Navarrete I had already shot twice town and it seemed that the fight would end soon. Above all, because the Navarrete cowboy He is one of the fighters with the most developed killer instincts in boxing today. He is a fighter who when he feels the wounded prey, does not let it go and finishes it.

But, this time, in his first featherweight title fight, Ruben Villa he was alive. In the intermediate rounds, town he began to box, to move on the balls of his feet, to shy away from combat, and to seek to score points based on short combinations.

Navarrete I went for him, cut the ring, closed the exits, but could not get the power blows that could hurt town. This is how Ruben Villa he was able to win a few rounds.

To the Cowboy He lacked stepping on the accelerator. Pick up the beat to hitting and chasing. When he wanted to do it, in the last round, he did not have time, even though he chased after town all over the ring, he hit it solid, and it looked like he could get a last-minute knockout. But town he came alive again.

In the end, the judges saw Navarrete by unanimous decision. Two of them saw him win 114-112, cards in which the two falls that he Navarrete cowboy gave him town they were crucial; while the other judge saw the win Cowboy, 115-111. The official card of LEFT PUNCH saw win Navarrete, 116-110.

And so, Emmanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete managed to be crowned in his second weight class, and is the new featherweight world champion of the OMB. At the end of the fight, the featherweight champion of the FIB, English Josh warrington.

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