Deserves it? Cory Sandhagen claims a title fight

Deserves it?  Cory Sandhagen claims a title fight

In the main event of UFC Fight Island 5, Cory Sandhagen liquidated Marlon moraes And now he’s asking for a title shot. In Abu Dhabi, on “the island of struggle”, the victor went home with a huge smile and left a clear message for Dana White, the president of the organization. After killing one of the best in the division in the second round, now all he thinks about is getting his chance to win the belt.

I’d feel really bad if they did me and Yan and did that to Sterling. That said, it’s a dog-eating sport, so if they give me that opportunity, I’ll take it. But I think it should be Sterling and Yan. When that is reserved, I have honestly been doing it for a year or two, ”Sandhagen began, looking ready for a belt fight. Of course, he deserves it, although he does not despair.

Has big numbers going for it

For its part, Cory He also admitted: “Where it’s like a big fight is coming, I don’t have a fight coming up, I’m going to keep my weight down and I’m going to be ready. I’ve been doing that at camp. I’ve been doing it almost the entire time I’ve been in the UFC. I’m definitely going to do that of course now, because I think I’ll probably be number one if one of those guys gets hurt. “

Anyone who approaches me. I really don’t know how the mind of the UFC matchmakers works 100 percent. I just know how to win fights, get good results and they will give you good fights. It doesn’t make a difference to me. I only said those two names, because they are the only two in my head that have an argument for a title shot and, therefore, only one of those two, “remarked the spectacular fighter.

To close, Cory Sandhagen He did not rule out having a chance against an old friend, TJ Dillashaw: “He and I used to be sparring partners, but it was a while ago. I am in a very different place. We cannot both be champions. It’s a dog eat dog sport. Whatever it takes to get to the top and win the belt, that’s what I’m going to do. Will they give him the opportunity from the UFC?

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