“I don’t know how or why I was saved”: Errol Spence reveals an unpublished photo of the accident a year away

No sé cómo o por qué me salvé: Errol Spence revela foto inédita del accidente a un año de distancia

October 10 marked one year since the car accident he suffered Errol spence jr in Dallas when he drove his Ferrari 458 Spyder at high speed and it almost cost him his life.

Y Spence He commemorated the date by uploading to Instagram a photo, admitted to the hospital, of how his face was after the accident.

The photo revealed by Errol Spence Jr

It’s the first time that Spence reveals such a photo, because in the following hours, days and weeks, the fighter kept total secrecy about his health condition and injuries. That silence generated various speculations that he had suffered serious injuries and that he would not fight again.

“Today a year ago, I don’t know how or why I was saved, but I thank God. The thought of letting my little daughters grow up without me still haunts me, but I am triply blessed and must be here for some reason, ”he posted. Spence in Instagram one year after the accident.

The images that Errol Spence Jr revealed of his face after the accident

Spence’s comeback

More than two months of silence and secrecy passed, until Spence reappeared in public. Attended the fight between Jermell charlo Y Tony harrison, and gave a live interview on the broadcast.

“My whole body was beaten up,” said the fighter about the accident. “I think it was a miracle of God, and he really protected me in that accident, because anyone else would have died. So I think it was just a blessing from God that I could get out safely and that I can return to boxing next year. “

In early May he gave another interview where he revealed more details about the accident.

“I came out unscathed, but I must have lost my life,” he said. Spence in interview for the program All The Smoke. “And I think he would have lost his life if he had been wearing a seat belt.”

“I was driving my Ferrari 488 and you know how fast they are,” he explained. Spence. “I turned around and the car went around and around and around in the air. I shot out of the car because it was a convertible, and the rest is history. I woke up when I was in the hospital, but I don’t remember ever being in the hospital. The first thing I remember (after the accident) was already being at home three weeks later. “

“I think an angel saved me, because I didn’t break any bones, there were no fractures or anything,” he said. Spence. “My neck ached, my hips ached, my shoulders ached. I scraped the entire side of my face, shoulder and hip. “

Errol spence jr continue to process the accident. He didn’t want to take any hiatus in his career and asked for a big fight. On December 5 next, he will face Danny Garcia in a high difficulty fight, a big fight.

One year after the accident, the question remains as to whether Errol spence he will go back to being the fighter he was before the crash. He got on that Ferrari as the best welterweight in the world.

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