Very complicated! Ronda Rousey is viral for crying while eating hot wings

Very complicated!  Ronda Rousey is viral for crying while eating hot wings

Listed as one of the best programs that exist, “Hot Ones” took the opportunity to make cry Round rousey. The presenter of the same, Sean Evans, is the one who conducts different interviews with celebrities. The peculiarity is that they must respond while eating ten chicken wings that are getting more and more spicy. In turn, they range from mild to beyond the maximum that can occur. For this reason, the exUFC went viral.

The former champion and member of the UFC Hall of Fame, current star of WWE, went through the aforementioned program and, as usual, had to eat the hot wings. In this way, Ronda went viral on social networks, being a true celebrity. She was on this week’s episode and felt the true heat of the seasoning that is so much to talk about. Therefore, the fighter did not look so strong, at least on her palate.

“My tears are burning my face,” was what he began by saying Rousey at one point, where you could see how he was really suffering while eating. “I feel as if the hot sauce is getting into my nose, I smelled it, it got into my tear duct and it’s as if it burned my face. I can not believe it. How it hurts so much, I feel like it’s going to explode, “continued the current WWE star.

Your other words in the program

It all started in my judo days. My mom, her philosophy was, ‘If you throw someone, they just can’t count it. If you put someone in a hurry, they might just tell you to get up. If someone drowns, you could tell them to get up and take a deep breath, and that’s okay. But if you put someone on one arm and break their arm and they don’t count, the other person only has one arm. And if you lose to that person, then you deserve to lose. So you should be really good with bracelets, ‘”the blonde admitted.

To close, Round rousey He also recalled his days in the leading Mixed Martial Arts company. “With the UFC I have always bet a lot on myself. I worry about the back end. Pay me what you think is fair, all I really care about is having some interest in how well it works and I’ll make sure it actually works well. I have very good memories and I am happy with what I was able to achieve in those years.

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