Will they hear it? Ben Rothwell calls for unity in the United States before acts of violence

Will they hear it?  Ben Rothwell calls for unity in the United States before acts of violence

Before being defeated at UFC Fight Island 5, Ben rothwell He left an important message for the entire United States. The renowned and experienced fighter of the leading company of Mixed Martial Arts lost this Saturday on “the island of struggle” to Marcin tybura. Before that, he had spoken with the press, expressing his opinion about what is happening in his country with the police and the racial problems of the moment.

“I don’t want to break up and say the community cause is shattered, that’s how it felt at first. I feel like things are looking up. People really came together to help each other. People began to put the pieces together in the sense that this whole situation was quite messy, and if someone looked at my social networks, I was in the middle, being destroyed on both sides, “he began by saying about it.

Continuing on the same line, Ben He also said the following: “Because I love people on both sides. We have to unite, not point the finger. That’s what Kenosha is more about. We have a lot of people doing a lot of things for each other. People who lost their businesses and things like that had a response, the community came together to help. It was really cool to see and I feel like we’re making it through. “

Ask for unity in the world

“In a way I blame a lot of politicians. A lot of this is about elections. Let’s be honest. I’m going to call my governor, he just issued another mandate that businesses can only have 25 percent capacity in Wisconsin. Guess when it ends? November 6th. Our country is literally at the throat of the other, pointing the finger. I wish we could slow down and look at the bigger picture and realize that we are all playing, ”wished the experienced UFC fighter.

To close, Ben rothwell He also highlighted: “I have so many different people working together. When they walk through the door, they don’t care where they worked, what they did, we walked in to help each other and it’s a beautiful thing. I wish more of the world could be like mixed martial artists. We would have more world peace in this place. That’s where it is. I also try to be there for the community. I’m just trying to get ahead and do the best we can.

Ben Rothwell's post.
Ben Rothwell’s post.

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