Begins to take hold: Michael Chander’s warnings to his next UFC rival

Begins to take hold: Michael Chander's warnings to his next UFC rival

The expeller and champion of Bellator MMA, Michael Chandler (21–5), wants Tony ferguson and therefore he left several words. After advising that he would not continue working with the company chaired by Scott Coker, he stated that he is going to UFC to fight for the title. The three-time World Lightweight Champion wants to face Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje, although now he is also looking to make his debut against “Cucuy” in the most important cage on the planet.

“There are a lot of fans and people who tell me, ‘This guy has a right and this, this and that.’ When in fact, I swallowed my pride a bit and said that I would be willing to be the understudy for Gaethje-Khabib’s undercard on the slim chance that he could fight for the world title rather than say a top five player or bust. . Instead, I said that I would be willing to be the insurance policy for that fight, “he began.

Notably Michael He’s had MMA legends in front of him, so this fight doesn’t scare him. “Tony Ferguson was at the table, he said no; Dustin Poirier was on the table, he said no. Since then, Dustin Poirier has said yes to Conor (McGregor) and I think Conor has said yes to Dustin. That leaves Tony Ferguson. That’s why I said his way with all caps on Twitter, I said you already turned down a fight against me on the biggest card of the year.

“This card was going to have a lot of eyes and we could have been the co-main event and made this tournament go the way he likes to talk. He could have stepped on his mat and watched things move. I think I went out and beat Tony Ferguson and immediately put myself in the title photo, “he also added to his sayings. Of course Michael Chandler He is at the level of the best in the UFC, which will be seen soon.

Other words from Chandler

“‘They (UFC) said, ‘We know the answer to this, but if one of those guys isn’t up for a fight, will you be the understudy on the October 24 card? I said ‘absolutely’. So my answer to all six questions was yes, yes, yes. When you enter an organization, you have to prove yourself and I think that was a way of not wasting my weight. I was not going to say: ‘No, I will not be the backup, I will not be your insurance policy, “” he closed Chandler.

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