Best Ever ?: Why Mayweather Doesn’t Outperform Muhammad Ali or Rocky Marciano

¿El mejor de la historia?: Por qué Mayweather no supera ni a Muhammad Ali ni a Rocky Marciano

I start by confessing myself a fan of Floyd mayweather jr, but I don’t think he’s the best fighter ever. I admire, yes, his legacy in the ring. Without a doubt, he is one of the most defensive and intelligent that has stepped on a ring. But when Floyd analyzes boxing and rummages through its history, it is usually very mediocre and petty in order to protect its legacy and its place in that history.

It seems somewhat illogical. A fighter like it was Floyd mayweather he resorts to very vague arguments, to shout from the rooftops that he has been the best boxer in history.

In a recent chat with Shannon sharpe, in the program Club Shay ShayThey asked him about various boxers and why he thinks he was better than them. Several examples were mentioned, including Muhammad Ali, Rocky marciano, Roy Jones Jr., among others.

Floyd Mayweather better than Ali?

When they mentioned Muhammad Ali like the best in history, Mayweather He said, “Is it Ali the same one who was defeated by a Leon spinks that he only had seven fights?

A very poor argument used by many mediocre bloggers and journalists. That is, Mayweather He prefers to talk about the negative and not the positive.

Why don’t you say Ali was he in his last years of career?

Why is it obvious that it was a very close fight and that Ali won the rematch?

Why didn’t you say Spinks a year and a half earlier had he won an Olympic gold medal?

According to his logic, to all who Vasyl Lomachenko you have won, they cannot have a legacy. Speaking of Lomachenko, is the same Lomachenko that when he had 8 or 9 fights, there was talk of a fight before Gervonta davis (protected from Mayweather), who at that time was already a champion and had about 19 fights and knockouts.

Why was it the same Mayweather who opposed that combat?

Isn’t it easy to beat a gold medalist with few fights? Anyway, a weak argument.

Mayweather better than Rocky Marciano?

When they mentioned Rocky marciano, Mayweather claimed.

“How many world champions did he defeat Martian? We already know that I beat more Hall of Fame champions than he beat in his career. So let’s remove Martian of the discussion ”.

Clear Floyd. How many champions can a champion like Martian, at which time there was only one monarch per division, at a time when there were also 10 divisions less than the 17 that exist today?

In other words, today boxers have four options per division to become champion in 17 categories. In the times of Martian you only had one chance to become champion per category. Which of the two eras seems more difficult to be crowned champion?

Knowing how to box is not the same as knowing how to box

TO Mayweather he likes to do the same with every fighter who is a real threat to his legacy in his proclamation as the greatest fighter ever. It brings out the asterisks, when the boxers with the most asterisks of recent times, have been the modern superstars of the stature of Pacquiao, Canelo, Cotto and of course, his own Mayweather. We could list all the asterisks of Floyd, but that would be material for another analysis, which we will have to do.

Mayweather he knows how to attack according to the name they bring him. When he talks about losses on “Halls of Fame”, he does not mention Sugar ray robinson, Harry greb, Henry Armstrong or one of the boxers he knows has many more “hall of fame” wins than he does. You will still know what to say when they tell you Ricardo “Finito” López or Chayaphon Moonsri, they had more than 50 fights without losing and they retired like champions.

In short, there will always be controversy, every time Mayweather open the mouth. He who is capable of calling someone who thinks he is a racist Vasyl Lomachenko is better than Terence Crawford.

In the end, as I have always said, knowing how to box is not the same as knowing how to box. Already Mayweather This applies to you perfectly.

*The author, DAMIÁN FERRER, is The Boxing Philosopher, and you can follow him on his Facebook page.

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