Francisco Gorrissen, facing the Rugby Championship: “We are going to turn the game plan around”

Francisco Gorrissen, facing the Rugby Championship: "We are going to turn the game plan around"

The Pumas continue to prepare for the Rugby Championship in Australia, a contest in which they will make their debut against the world champion, South Africa, next November 7.

Little by little, and building on the Leichhardt Oval of Sydney, the squad is intensifying its work, waiting for the ‘European’ players who will also participate in the tournament SANZAAR.

Francisco Gorrissen, one of the players who, by adding minutes, would be making his official debut with the selected team, expressed his feelings after a hot week in Australia, in dialogue with the UAR: “This first week was very good, adapting in many ways, due to the time change, Jet lag, etc. But undoubtedly a great week that leaves positive feelings from the rugby field, where we feel more and more comfortable training and taking the turn of the game plan and the changes. So positive feelings ”.

On adaptation to the climate, to the time zone. “Regarding the climate, the Jet lag, adapting. The first few days the fatigue and everything left by the flight was felt. Now we are pretty good. The heat is costing a bit, but we are getting used to it and therefore we are not so concerned ”.

About what the coaches ask for. “The coaches are asking us to tweak the game plan, fine-tuning a couple of details. Regarding fixed formations, especially on the line, Corcho (Juan Martín Fernández Lobbe) insists on speed and working in detail, mechanizing movements, doing a lot of video analysis. Be in detail when executing ”.

About the first days of confinement. “I think the first days were of great adversity. A lot of time in the rooms, sleeping alone, with the strict protocols imposed from the hotel. It was necessary to adapt in that sense and now it is an adversity that we are already overcoming ”.

On your expectations personally. “I am considering improving as much as I can, trying to be a better player from training to training, being very attentive to what the coaches ask for and working in detail. As well as my main objective is to enjoy the experience, not only from having fun, but from training thoroughly, from giving everything to be part of the team during the tournament, to be able to play for a few minutes, as much as I can. Work conscientiously, try to learn everything I can and do my best ”.

On the arrival of the Europeans. “When the boys who come from Europe arrive, they will undoubtedly contribute a lot to the group, not only because they have been playing several games, which is good for the rhythm, but because of the quality they can bring us. They are all excellent players, who can make a great leap for the team. We are waiting for them with expectations and when they come it will be very good for the spirit and for the squad, and above all to train on the field and enjoy their quality ”.

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