It was worth it? Kai Kamaka and a crazy bet with UFC

It was worth it?  Kai Kamaka and a crazy bet with UFC

Beyond having a 6-2 record and adding a four-game winning streak, Kai kamaka revealed something important. He was still waiting for the opportunity to sign a long-term relationship with an important company, as would be the case of UFC. For this reason, his agent gave him a contest in LFA, from which many have come for the Dana White entity. That being the case, that was not all and he was in charge of highlighting an interesting fact.

“I had it there for the whole of August and the first part of September was the plan. He could have gone out and stayed there and got nothing. That was the risk he was taking. She tells me to stay as long as I can. He didn’t want to go home without a job. I’m going to South Dakota with a corner, my cousin Ray, I beat this guy. I’m going straight to Las Vegas and I don’t even know if something is safe, ”he began by saying.

For its part, Kai He also expressed: “But then my manager calls me ‘can you corner Joaquin Buckley?’ And I’m sure why not I thought it was going to be my decision, but it was not my decision yet. Literally the Monday or Tuesday after those fights, I was checking my phone and Sean Shelby’s number came up and I thought I’d call him. I called him at random to press him on the Contender Series options and other things.

Finally got it

“Right at the end of my conversation I told him ‘don’t forget that Kai is there in Las Vegas, he has had his medical exams, he is not injured by his fight and he just finished he did the COVID test because he was cornering Joaquín’ and Sean He said ‘can you fight on Saturday?’ I didn’t know what to think. I wasn’t surprised by the star, but I was relieved that it finally happened. I just wanted to speed up the pace, “he said, in turn, Kamaka.

“I heard bits and pieces about him and I just took what I wanted to hear and went into the fight. I just got out of a fight two weeks ago so I wasn’t too worried about my cardio. I just wanted to turn it into a fight and if we do it, it would be in my favor. Then my manager sent me a text message about a minute before Dana White said at the press conference that we had it, “he closed Kai kamaka, drawing the attention of many for his sayings.

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