Joaquín Botero: “Bolivia can score six goals against Argentina”

Joaquín Botero: "Bolivia can score six goals against Argentina"

Joaquín Botero, one of the main figures of Bolivia in the historic 6-1 win against Argentina In 2009, he spoke in the preview of a new meeting between La Verde and La Albiceleste, and assured: “You can score six goals again”.

That afternoon, Botero scored three goals and provided three assists in the worst defeat in history for the Argentine National Team in an Eliminatory, on April 1, 2009.

Argentina can score six goals again, more than 11 years have passed and it can be repeated. It depends on the players, on how they play and on becoming strong in La Paz ”, said the former attacker in dialogue with Duty.

In addition, regarding his memory in that historical beating of La Verde to the team led by Diego Armando Maradona, he revealed: “I always try to watch that game on social media or some friends send me videos. That memory of winning 6-1 is a nice thing, you don’t win that way every day, I made three goals, plus three assists, I think everything went perfect and apart from that, people keep remembering it until now, where I’m going they remember of that party. I already left football a few years ago and people still remember that triumph”.

On the other hand, and faced with the chances that César Farías’s men will surpass those of Lionel Scaloni, he reaffirmed: “They already come with the mentality that they are afraid of height and that must be used more. If you can run the 90 minutes and score many goals, the better; We scored six in 2009 and now the national team has worked for a long time and I think they have a good chance of winning”.

Botero scored 20 goals in total with the Bolivian National Team, four of them against the Argentine National Team (three in the historic 6-1). Faced with the memory of beating Leo Messi and Diego Maradona together, he proudly stated: “On the bench was the best player in the history of football and on the field the best of today. There were also Agüero, Di María, among others, the best in Argentina, who even continue to play in Europe and earn many millions. For us it was wonderful to beat them”.

Regarding the match in which Bolivia crushed the Albiceleste, he revealed that the defenders of Maradona’s team asked him to slow down: “They told us that’s it, they already have five. I spoke about that request with Marcelo Martins and I also discussed it with Wálter Flores, because they asked us not to score more goals, but in between was a prize that we were going to receive for each goal we scored in that match and we obtained $ 60,000”.

In conclusion and before your present and how you will observe Bolivia vs. Argentina, concluded: “It’s nostalgic to watch the games and think that I played that kind of competition. I look at the international channels that broadcast the games one has played and my skin cramps, especially when I see my goals and all that. I am 42 years old, I have not played for several seasons, so it only remains to support everyone’s team”.

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