Sergio Busquets: “It is not the best moment within the club”

Sergio Busquets: "It is not the best moment within the club"

Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets acknowledges that they did not have their best year, which is reflected in the individual and collective level

Sergio Busquets, midfielder of BarcelonaHe acknowledged that “it is not the best moment within the club,” he avoided analyzing it, stating that he would need “six hours”, and focused on sports, focusing “a new opportunity” to change the bad results of the past year.

“One thing is what happens outside the field, it is true that it is not the best moment within the club, I am not going to detail it because I could spend six hours and another what happens inside,” he defended Busquets when asked about a troubled summer at the institution of the Barcelona.

The midfielder made self-criticism of sports, admitting that the dressing room was affected by not being well.

“It was not our best year, it shows individually and collectively. Soccer is a team sport in which if you are not well collectively it means that you are not. It was not a good moment, it has already passed and we have a new opportunity. Things have changed, we hope that everything will go better. “

On the other hand, Busquets He did not ensure his presence in the Qatar 2022 World Cup and focused on facing his present “season by season”, for the moment focused on playing the postponed Euro 2020 and with the desire to “last a long time” in the Spanish team.

“I am not 20 years old, I cannot look much to the future at the moment. I feel good in the national team and I am eager to continue. All the ways of leaving it are respectable, I cannot say mine because I live season by season and this one has It started in a peculiar way, but I feel very good here every time I come. I hope it can last a long time, but I don’t know how long, “he said.

Last year, the game of Busquets has been criticized. The midfielder admits “constructive” criticism and the harmful ones he understands as a toll. “Soccer is like that and all the teammates I have had have been criticized.”

“I am very proud to be in the national team and to be the seventh player with the most matches is a pride. Day-to-day work is valued. Constructive criticism is welcome and those that are not, do not serve me, but they are part of the football interests. I’m happy to start the season well in my team and in the national team. I hope it continues like this, “he added.

Busquets he is together with Dani Olmo the only international who has started in the two games in a row against Portugal and Switzerland. He appeared on the eve of the duel in Kiev against Ukraine, prepared to play if Luis Enrique deems it appropriate. “Three games in six days is very demanding, but we are prepared. Little by little we are getting to the physical level we want and the calendar is like that for all the players.”

Playing three games a week puts the players’ physiques at risk, as Belgian Kevin De Bruyne reported after injuring himself. “Maybe he’s right,” he mused Busquets, “But this situation has caught us all by surprise and I understand UEFA, FIFA, LaLiga that they cannot change overnight.”

“The situation is a bit complicated, it is being very demanding, we have had few vacations, a shorter preseason and more and more games. It is difficult to reach an agreement. You have to try to take care of yourself as much as possible. The rule of the five changes in this is positive, “he said.

Focusing on the future ensures Busquets that the day he stops going to the Spanish team his position is well covered with Mikel Merino and Rodri, whom he praised.

“No two players are alike. Mikel Merino is a great player, with a profile similar to mine. Corpulent, not without quality, who can play pivot and inside. Rodri is a piece of player that I love and will learn much of a great coach like [Pep] Guardiola. Great players have passed through here and others are going to come who will not be the same, but who will give a very good level, “he said.

Focusing on Ukraine, the Spanish midfielder assured that they do not consider him “the weakest rival in the group or a weak team” and recalled that before the first round match he arrived in great dynamics. “Until our game they had twelve games without losing, facing good teams. He has quality and unbalancing players at the top.”

Finally, he closed his appearance by adding Luis Enrique to Rafael Nadal’s congratulations after his thirteenth Roland Garros. “All the players of the national team join in congratulating Rafa, an example as an athlete inside and outside, when he wins and when he loses. I hope they will be many more successes.”

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