Will it be against Tony Ferguson? Michael Chandler prepares for whatever comes

Will it be against Tony Ferguson?  Michael Chandler prepares for whatever comes

Michael Chandler (21–5), one of the best MMA fighters in the world, wants Tony ferguson head-on in the cage. After advising that he would not continue working with Bellator MMA, he stated that he is going to the UFC to stay with the title. The three-time World Lightweight Champion wants to face Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje, but, in the last hours, he put the name of a possible new opponent on the table.

«I’m coming on October 24, I’m already gaining weight, so yes, I would definitely fight him. He’s the only guy I’m interested in fighting right now. It has already been talked about, so you do not add any name to that hat when you already talk about a boy in the top five, “he began, waiting for the call of Dana White to be able to leave him among the best in the UFC division .

Will you fight this month?

At the same time, Michael He revealed that he has already contacted the company and that he could step into the Octagon these days: “When I was closing the deal with the UFC, they essentially said, ‘We know you fought in August, but would you be willing to fight in October?’ and I said ‘absolutely’. They asked me if I would be willing to fight Dustin Poirier or Tony ferguson in October and they said those guys are scheduled to fight.

Continuing along the same lines, he clearly has more to say than he did with the leading Mixed Martial Arts company. “But they have money problems and they have different problems and all that, and I said ‘absolutely’. They (UFC) said, ‘We know the answer to this, but if one of those guys isn’t up for a fight, will you be the understudy on the October 24 card? I said ‘absolutely’, he communicated.

“So my answer to all six questions was yes, yes, yes. When you enter an organization, you have to prove yourself and I think that was a way of not wasting my weight. He was not going to say: ‘No, I will not be the backup, I will not be your insurance policy’, he closed Michael Chandler. Now, there are days left to know if there will be an official announcement or if the meeting will not finally take place. Everything is in the plans, but he has not signed anything.

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