Michael Schumacher

This weekend he equaled an impressive record owned by Michael Schumacher. Lewis hamilton took his 91st victory and reached the German as the highest winner in the history of the Formula 1. When ‘Schumi‘reached its incredible marks, nothing seemed to indicate that anyone would ever reach it.

These days, an interview was known in which Michael Schumacher advanced the possibility that Lewis Hamilton would reach him in numbers. At the time, Hamilton was a McLaren team driver and had already been runner-up a year earlier. The German did not hesitate to praise the British at the journalist’s question.

Can Lewis get a world title?

The journalist asked Schumacher if Hamilton could match his records and the German did not hesitate. “Absolutely. Not even I thought that I could surpass the 5 titles of Fangio. I even raised it to 7. The records are there to be broken and I’m relaxed that one day it will pass. If it is Lewis, Massa or Sebastian Vettel or whoever it will be, it could be someone from the present or the future. I have no problem about it, “said Schumacher.

The message from the Schumacher family

After the race, Mick Schumacher presented Lewis Hamilton with a helmet. In addition, through their Twitter account the Schumacher family said what: “Congratulations, an impressive achievement from a great driver. We can’t deny that we would have loved for Michael to have had those records, but as he always used to say: records are there to be broken. “

The 7 titles

Now Lewis Hamilton has a very special record to break. The Briton has everything to face to reach the seven titles. This brand also belongs to Michael Schumacher, so it would definitely go down in history. After the abandonment of Valtteri Bottas, the championship situation is more than favorable for the Briton.