Do they give it? Dricus du Plessis overcomes his nerves and calls for a great fight in UFC

Do they give it?  Dricus du Plessis overcomes his nerves and calls for a great fight in UFC

Dricus du Plessis started his career in UFC with an impressive knockout win, but now he’s asking for more. The fighter had a very good image at Fight Island 5 that took place last Saturday, which saw action again on “the island of the fight.” There, he began his professional stage in the most important company in Mixed Martial Arts, killing Markus Perez in the first assault.

“There was so much pressure that I can’t even explain it. Outside of the pressure of my compatriots, the support I receive from all over my country. There are 40 million people sitting in front of their televisions at home right now. It’s crazy. I can not believe what happened. It looks like South Africa is playing in the rugby World Cup final again! ”The South African began.

At the same time, Dricus He also noted: “All my career you try to think in this moment and you wait for it. I try to wait for it, I try not to get overwhelmed by anything that happens. It was an experience with so little notice… I prepared the passports, everything was ready, I really didn’t have time to assimilate it. And, I mean, I just got a first-round knockout against Dana White. If you did not know it, now you do!”.

There is illusion in South Africa

“You can have all the fights in the world, you can have a million fights. Once you enter the octagon of UFC for the first time and you have no nerves, I think you are in the wrong industry. This is the pinnacle of your career. This is the highest stage in the world in which you can fight, so yes, of course, my nerves were through the roof, “he remarked, making it clear that it was not easy for him.

Anyway, Dricus du Plessis He did not despair and took a great debut home: “I was nervous like in all fights, but I wouldn’t say that I was more nervous than in my last fight for EFC, for example. Knowing that I am fighting in the UFC, you know what is at stake. But if I lose a fight in the EFC, the UFC will not sign me. If you lose your debut fight, the UFC will cut you. So the stakes remain the same for me. Every fight is the most important fight of my life.

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