How did Uruguay do at the height of Quito for the South American Qualifiers against Ecuador?

How did Uruguay do at the height of Quito for the South American Qualifiers against Ecuador?

Uruguay and Ecuador only met nine times at the height of Quito, all the games were played at Atahualpa and for the first time they will play at Rodrigo Paz Delgado. A record full of South American Qualifying matches between La Celeste and Tri.

To go to the first game that both played in the height of Quito we have to go to the year 1974 to the Qualifiers for the World Cup in Germany. On that occasion, La Tri lost 2 to 1 against Celeste with goals from Luis Cubilla and Fernando Morena for the visiting team., while Ítalo Estupiñán scored the only goal for the local. The next qualifying match would take place in 1985, prior to the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, and La Celeste would also win the 2-0 victory with goals from Mario Saralegui and Enzo Francescoli.

The first triumph of the Tri, by South American Qualifiers, would occur in 1998 and would be beaten against the Juan Ahuntchaín team (DT of Uruguay) by 4 to 0. That day the visiting team would end with three men less due to the expulsions of Daniel Fonseca, Nelsón Abeíjon and Gustavo Méndez. The goals of Ecuador’s remarkable triumph would be made by: Aléx Aguinaga, Agustín Delgado X2 and Cléber Chála. In 2002, there would be a tie in one (Iván Kaviedes for the premises and Nicolás Olivera for the visit)

In the 2006 Qualifiers for Germany, the match would end with a poor draw at zero and fate would then leave Uruguay playing a play-off against Australia, while Ecuador would qualify for its best World Cup, until then.

In 2009 both teams anointed by qualification and a place in South Africa 2010 staged a great match. In a flurry of goals, Antonio Valencia opened the scoring and Luis Suárez leveled instantly. But the best came at the end when Elizaga committed a penalty to Edinson Cavani and Diego Forlán transformed into the goal and shot for the celebration of Maestro Tabárez. For the qualifiers of Brazil 2014 the same thing would happen but the other way around, with little time left until the end of the match Jefferson Montero scored the only goal of the match and La Tri took an important victory by the minimum. For the Russia qualifying match, Ecuador would stay with the result by 2 to 1 with goals from Fídel Martínez and Felipe Caicedo, while Cavani converted the only goal for La Celeste.

If we go to the numbers for South American Elimiantorias and in Quito. Uruguay won four games, Ecuador three and there were only two draws. It will be the first time they meet at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado stadium (Quito League stadium)

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