Otto Wallin, rival who complicated Fury and opened him a brutal cut, offers for revenge

Otto Wallin, rival que complicó a Fury y le abrió un corte brutal se ofrece para revancha

Otto Wallin, rival that complicated Tyson fury and opened a brutal cut on him in September 2019, he offered himself for a potential rematch.

As soon as he found out that the world champion CMB look for an opponent for December, Wallin he did not hesitate to offer himself.

“I deserve a rematch, based on my performance against Fury last year, “said the Swede. “I did much better against Fury that what did Wilder, better than anyone he faced, and I’m ready to take the place of Wilder“.

That fight he won Tyson fury to Otto Wallin by unanimous decision, but the Swede managed to open a huge cut to Fury in the right eyelid that the Englishman was about to have the fight stopped. Fury he was able to finish the fight thanks to the great job he did Jorge Capetillo, the Mexican cutman who managed to manage the wound until the final bell.

Yes Gypsy king wants to establish absolute dominance, granting the revalidation to Sundsvall would not be a mistake. More because it would be a more attractive and morbid fight than any other rival available for Fury.

Wallin’s confidence vs. Tyson Fury

“I worked very hard in the last year, and I improved with the experience of fighting with Fury, and with all the work I have done since that fight, “he emphasized Otto Wallin, who knocked out in five rounds Travis kauffman in his last presentation.

Dimitriy salita, promoter of Wallin, understands that your client may be a complication for the owner of the World Boxing Council.

“Who better than Otto, which gave to Fury the toughest fight of his entire life, with blows and a lot of damage? ” Living room in an official statement.

“He is on his way to being a heavyweight world champion,” proclaimed the promoter of Wallin. “He gave Tyson fury the toughest fight of his life in terms of hits connected and damage administered inside the ring. After having won in August, he is ready to prove that he is the best ”.

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