Went back! Fernando Alonso got into a Formula 1 After Two Years

Fernando Alonso

One of the most important days of the week was lived this Tuesday at the Barcelona circuit. Fernando Alonso got back on a Formula 1 after two years of absence. The Spaniard is conducting a test with the team Renault on the Spanish track. Alonso He is already preparing his official return, with a 100 kilometer test. In addition, it will do so with this season’s car.

Although there were some rumors, the news that it existed in the car of the French brand was not fully confirmed. The Spanish rider was very optimistic about what was going to happen in the preview on Tuesday. According Alonso, this test with Renault it’s like “a new beginning.” The two-time champion will be able to do approximately 20 laps of the Barcelona circuit.

The Spanish is completely involved in the return to the category. He is always seen using the team simulator Renault and sharing the team’s results. Fernando Alonso He was very optimistic about what could happen in the test. The words of the Spanish were revealed in a video published by the team Renault in their official accounts.

The memory of its beginnings

The Spaniard said that his first test in Formula 1It was also in Barcelona. «I remember my first test with Benetton in 2000, which was here and will be on the same circuit 20 years after that first test. It will be one of the last opportunities with a car with the brand Renault, because next year is going to change, “said the Asturian.

To learn

Alonso you won’t be able to turn much with it RenaultHowever, he believes that it will be very helpful for the future of the team. «It is only 100 kilometers, it is a filming day and we will try to maximize those laps and to take some photos and videos. I know that I will learn and discover a lot of things during those turns. I will face it very openly and I will try to learn as much as possible in each kilometer.

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