Wilder has no legal recourse to force Fury to third fight, says Arum

Wilder ya no tiene ningún recurso legal para forzar a Fury a la tercera pelea, asegura Arum

Bob arum, co promoter of Tyson fury insists there will be no third fight against Deontay Wilder, that there is no longer any type of contractual obligation to Fury, and that the team of Wilder he no longer has any legal recourse to force a third fight.

“They definitely don’t have any legal recourse,” he said. Arum to Boxing Scene. “Are they going to complain? Insurance”.

The promoter assures that in the negotiation for the second fight, a very small time window was defined in the rematch clause to make the third fight. And those who insisted that this window of time be this small was the team of Wilder.

“The reason why there was this very specific window (of time) for the rematch, which some will say was a very small window, was negotiated by both parties,” he explained. Arum. “And as I recall, they thought they were going to win, so they wanted as small a window of time as possible to get the third fight out fast and move on (to a possible fight with Joshua). So it wasn’t like we insisted that the time window was so small to do the third fight, because we didn’t know we would win the fight. “

Originally, the third fight was to be held in July. However, Wilder had the biceps injury and they applied a 90-day extension to his rematch clause.

So the third fight between Wilder Y Fury An attempt was made to reschedule for October, but Arum assures that it was very early, and it was sought to postpone to December. But the broadcasters did not want to make the fight in December because of the number of college football games they had committed.

“We lost the date of December 19,” he explains. Arum. “The television stations suggested we do it at the end of January or the end of February. They offered us two dates. Y Fury said no, that he wanted to fight this year (2020), and then he would fight with Joshua. Under his contract he had every right to do so. There is no doubt. He didn’t even have to wait until December 19, which was the original date, because the contract expired in October. “

Y Bob arum He also adds that he has not spoken with anyone from the team of Deontay Wilder, nor from its promoter, PBC.

“I haven’t talked to anyone,” he said Arum. “I have not spoken to Shelly Finkel (co-manager of Wilder) since the night of the fight. I have also not spoken to To the (Haymon, promoter of Wilder), from before the fight. I know that Bruce binkow, from PBC, Y Todd duBoef, of Top rankThey’ve been talking about this Y Todd told Binkow how are the things going”.

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