Disappointed? Valentino Rossi spoke about his three consecutive falls

Valentino Rossi

The last weekends for Valentino rossi they were bad. The Italian has been fighting in the highest positions of the grid, but luck is not with him. Last weekend he was only able to travel two curves of the circuit of Le mans. The wet floor was not his ally and he fell to the ground. ‘Ok’ could not restart the Yamaha and had to leave.

In the two previous races, the results had been the same. Rossi fell in Misano while coming in the contest for the podium, while in Barcelona I was fighting the victory head to head with Fabio Quartararo. However, in none of them could he get points after the good pace he showed. This weekend it seemed that Rossi’s performance was good, but the crash prevented it.

The race of Le mans was a tremendous blow for the performance of ‘Il Dottore’, however this weekend in Aragon will have revenge. “It was a great pity, to fall like that in the first corner without even knowing what our potential was. I started well, I did the first corner well, but in the first corner to the left, although I was going very slowly, I fell, “he said. Rossi.

“It is a real shame, especially since there are three consecutive zeros and in races where we could go strong. It is a pity. Now it is necessary to reconcentrate, charge all the energies and reach Aragon next week and try to do better, “he said Valentino rossi. The Italian renewed his contract with Yamaha in recent weeks, and in 2021 he will face a new season with 42 years.

To close, Rossi He commented on the reason for the falls he had in the last three tests. «It is not a problem with the motorcycle. In each race, each mistake has had its history. In MisanoIt was not well on Saturday, it was very difficult for us. BarcelonaOn the other hand, it was a huge shame because it was very fast. However, in Le mans no one expected it to rain, they said they were going to have sex, we were all very attentive, but it wasn’t enough »

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