Germany vs. Switzerland – Match Report – October 13, 2020

Germany vs.  Switzerland - Match Report - October 13, 2020

(EFE) – Germany and Switzerland tied at three in a match in which the Helvetians were two goals ahead on the scoreboard and in which those led by Joachim Löw again showed many defensive problems.

The game had an initial phase of about half an hour in which, although the ball came from Germany, the dangerous arrivals and the goals were from Switzerland, who went ahead in the 5th minute with a header from Gavranovic.

The situation originated from the rebound of a corner kick – Manuel Neuer had just saved from a close-range shot from Shedar Shaquiri – when Freuler returned the ball to the area and Gavranovic, alone, headed over Neuer.

Germany had the ball, attacked and put balls into the area, but practically did not get to finish on goal. In the 16th minute, on the other hand, Gavranovic was close to the second when he was left alone before Neuer who managed to cross himself in the shot.

The first noteworthy German finish came in the 25th minute when Timo Werner finished too weak inside the area after a great pass from Kroos.

However, a minute later a Kroos loose ball gave rise to a counterattack that ended in the second Swiss goal, scored by Freuler who defined with a Vaseline over Neuer.

The German response came almost immediately when Werner scored the discount in the 28th minute with a left-footed shot across the box from Kai Havertz.

The discount goal seemed to give Germany confidence that began to generate more danger. Michael Gossens was close to the equalizer in the 35th with a shot that the Swiss goalkeeper, Yann Sommer, deflected to a corner.

In the 44th minute there was another arrival with a shot from Kroos from outside the area that passed near Sommer’s right post.

In the second half, Germany had an initial phase of pressure that resulted in several consecutive occasions that led to a draw.

In minute 48 Werner shot over from a good position, in minute 49 Havertz shot against the post. Finally, in the 55th, Havertz himself, after stealing a ball in the center of the field, reached the area and defined with a crossed shot.

Everything was served for Germany to continue on a comeback plan but the defensive problems were seen again and Switzerland took advantage again.

Gavranovic defined with a strong shot from the center of the area taking advantage of a shot after a double save by Neuer against Seferovic.

Germany came back again, pressed, arrived and leveled thanks to a great goal from Serge Gnabry in the 60th minute that he defined with a heel inside the small area to center Werner from the right.

After Germany had the ball, squeezed, had interesting situations but did not reach the winning goal.

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