Hamilton or Schumacher? Sebastian Vettel spoke of this Sunday’s record

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel never misses an opportunity to speak highly of his childhood idol, Michael Schumacher. The current pilot of Ferrari was called to be the successor of the ‘Kaiser’ after obtaining four consecutive titles with Red bull. However, the work he did in the Italian team was not the best. That is why the image of Vettel it no longer represents the respect it had before.

This Sunday, Lewis hamilton equaled the record for most wins that belonged to Michael Schumacher. The Briton obtained the number 91 of his history and reached the mark of the German. This is why in the last hours, Vettel gave his opinion of what happened. While you think Hamilton deserves to reach that number of victories, insists on the supremacy of ‘Schumi’.

Vettel He assured that the number of victories had been one of his objectives, but that it seemed something difficult to match. However, he said that record of Hamilton it is something you cannot value enough. «I must say that Michael He will always be my hero because he has something that I have not seen in any other driver so far, ”said the four-time World Champion.

“A natural talent”

While Vettel commented that he respects Hamilton, believes that the abilities of Schumacher they were above anyone else’s. “I think it’s the best anyone has seen so far. He had a natural talent that is very difficult to explain. They did see him karting, which I couldn’t see at his young age, but I did when he was older. It goes beyond the skills and control of the car, ”said the German.

The difference between Schumacher and Hamilton

By last, Vettel highlighted what the difference is to criticize both drivers. «When I was a child I admired Michael. TO Lewis I didn’t admire him because he was running with him. So the situation is different. But probably in another 10, 12 or 20 years, there will be more admiration for that. But when you are still active, you look at yourself and not so much at others. But as I said, you cannot value enough “, he sentenced Vettel.

The ‘Kaiser’ and Sebastian Vettel shared category from 2010 to 2012. Source: Formula 1

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