He regrets? Cyril Abiteboul and a tattoo reveal with Daniel Ricciardo: “It’s not my style”

Daniel Ricciardo

After two years of waiting Daniel Ricciardo got a podium. But it was not another podium. He was the first with the team Renault. In addition, he achieved it in his last year in the team, something unexpected considering the difference between his car and that of the Mercedes Y Max verstappen. “Is this really a podium?” Ricciardo on the radio once the race is over.

However, reaching the podium will not be free for Daniel Ricciardo. But the one who will not have such a good time will be his team leader, Cyril Abiteboul. Both the Australian, as Abiteboul a tattoo will have to be made and it is not yet known what the design will be. The French engineer said that although he does not like tattoos, he is a man of his word.

This Tuesday, Abiteboul He confirmed that he does not remember exactly how it was the moment of the bet, although he did anticipate that he had drunk too much. It’s not really my style I guess that’s why I made the bet. Daniel He showed me a new tattoo that he had and I asked him ‘How do you get there?’ And he said, ‘Actually, I found a tattoo shop and got one.’ So I thought ‘okay. Let’s do something if you get on the podium. This was after a few beers »


The details of the tattoo to be made Cyril Abiteboul Y Daniel Ricciardo they are not yet known. However, Abiteboul confirmed that he will decide some aspects. “I just need a little time to decide the size and location. But I think he chooses a design and I choose the location and the size, because size matters! ” Abiteboul between laughs.

Christian horner

The one who was surprisingly happy was the team leader Red bull. Perhaps this is to bring positions closer, since his team will have to decide a motorcyclist for the 2022 season. «Congratulations to Renault for his first podium in a long time, “he said Horner. Also, he had the luxury of joking about the tattoo. «We hope to see a great Red bull stamped on the back of Cyril«.

Cyril Abiteboul and Daniel Ricciardo. Source: Renault.

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