Historic! The huge fight Daniel Cormier advises the UFC

Historic!  The huge fight Daniel Cormier advises the UFC

Outside of what Israel Adesanya vs. Jon Jones seems to be getting closer and closer, Daniel cormier advises the UFC for another contest. The former Heavyweight champion spoke with the press and made his opinion known about the possible fight between the two legends of the company, although he comes up with another last name to put in the middle. The Nigerian and the American are close, but DC introduces Jared cannonier as a candidate.

“There is a method to Adesanya’s madness, but Jones has also had some good comebacks. It has been well. If you’re Israel AdesanyaYou just don’t fight him because you know how angry he is. Can you imagine making this man as done as he’s doing and just not fighting him because Izzy doesn’t seem ready to fight him right now, but I think this is the showdown? I think it would be a fantastic fight, ”said the former UFC champion.

For its part, Daniel He didn’t hesitate for a second to come up with a new last name for a historic UFC fight: “What about the guy next? What about Jared cannonier, who has done so many spectacular things to win a title fight? Suddenly the champion is gone? That’s not really good for the sustainability of a weight class. Will they listen to him from the UFC? It is not known, but he will continue to insist.

It’s a good idea

“So Izzy wanting to stay there and fight is great for the division, but the fans, which is who we are, know that we love the sport, we are sports fans, the fans want to see the next big thing and the next big fight. . What happens is Izzy against Jones, “he also added to his remarks, expressing his opinion about what is next for the Nigerian. “The last style bender” remains undefeated and seems to have no end.

Jared cannonier He’s a dangerous guy if he can get past Robert Whittaker. I think it’s about confrontations. Robert Whittaker wins, do you get to Whittaker vs. Adesanya 2 or do you start to say, ‘Oh, now is it time for the Jones fight?’ Cannonier is something fresh and something new, people can get excited about that. Undoubtedly, this is the fight that many also want to see, “he concluded. Daniel cormier, hoping they fulfill their wish.

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