Horacio Accavallo turns 86 today; He is one of the best Argentines in history


Horacio Accavallo, a former Argentine boxer who was once a world flyweight champion, turns 86 today.

Acavallo He was born on October 14, 1934 in the deprived Villa Diamante, located in the Province of Buenos Aires.

Before fighting professionally, he made a living with other types of shows, not as attractive as watching him fight.

Since childhood, Roquiño He was a fakir, a circus clown, a bottle rack and a cardboard man, all with the aim of beating hunger and surviving poverty.

From hustler to world champion

On September 21, 1956, the spring of boxing brought the rented boxing side of Horacio Accavallo.

With shining triumphs, he made a place in the main billboards of the Luna Park, along with a space in the hearts of his compatriots.

This boy from Lanús traveled to Japan to face the local Katsuyoshi takayama, for vacant WBC and WBA titles, on March 1, 1966.

This duel consisted of 15 frenzied rounds in which, despite the messy start, the intelligence and endurance of the little giant prevailed.

When the first bell rang, Accavallo ran into Takayama, who had broken the tacit codes of boxing, to attack first and in a surprise way.

Such a blow did not seem to shock the Buenos Aires native, who carried out his plan with the firmness that characterized him during 12 years of experience.

The cards gave him as the winner by split decision: 73-69 and 74-67 for the Argentine, while in the rest the oriental predominated by 71-70.

With this failure, Horacio Accavallo He burned his name among the greats of boxing. He was the second Argentine to establish himself worldwide, behind Pascual Pérez.

At the end of 1967 and in possession of the crown, Roquiño ended his very successful sporting life, which consisted of 74 victories, 34 by knockout, two defeats and six draws.

Business performance

As an entrepreneur, Horacio Accavallo It was more than outstanding. Not only did he manage to keep what he won in the ring, but he multiplied his fortune.

With shoe factories, dance establishments and sportswear venues, he knocked out destiny. In this way, he financially secured his adulthood and the future of his family.

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