“I had it like Jackson”: This is how Locomotora Castro challenged the thieves


Former Argentine boxer Jorge “Locomotive” Castro suffered an armed robbery last Friday near his gym, even though the former world champion offered resistance: “I had it like a (John) Jackson“.

They were two criminals, who stole money and his mobile phone, in the Buenos Aires town of Temperley, when he was going to his gym.

“It was broadcast,” he explained. Castro. “They pointed two irons at me, I had to give him all the money and the cell phone.”

One of the criminals waited for them and the other approached him to take his belongings. That was where he also known as Scab tried to resist the assault.

“I had it like Jackson“, He said Roña Castro, moving on to the most memorable fight of his career.

And it is in December 1994, exhibiting in Mexico his WBA middleweight world championship against John david jackson, Castro hit the hand of his life. Jackson he had the Argentine cornered for several seconds against the ropes, punishing and hurting him. When it seemed about to Jackson could liquidate Castro, Scab drew a hand out of nowhere, which came fully into Jackson who fell to the canvas knocked out.

But this time, Roña Castro he couldn’t win the fight. Some money and mobile phone were stolen.

“On the phone I had photos of my family, my friends, and many figures like Diego Armando Maradona,” he emphasized Locomotive.

Also, who knew how to be the middleweight world champion, reported that he had one of the criminals within reach of a knockout, almost like a John david jackson in 1994.

“I had it like Jackson, but the other one was targeting me, ”said the Santa Cruz-born. “I told you crazy, please give me my cell phone back, I’m the Roña Castro. ´What are you going to be? ´ he said to me “.

Defied thieves on Facebook

Jorge Castro he did not carry out the corresponding procedure at the nearest police station, because he thinks that “does not work.”

Instead, he was in charge of communicating what happened on his social networks, and graphic media such as Financial sphere. In addition, Locomotora challenged the thugs who stole his belongings in the San José neighborhood, south of Greater Buenos Aires.

“I invite you to come to the gym,” Castro launched. “Come, I’m going to teach you to respect and take care of life with the box.”

Regrettable These kids jets that I was busy today I invite you to come to the gym. Come, I’m going to teach you …

Posted by Jorge Locomotora Roña Castro on Friday, October 9, 2020

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