Like few! The impressive life of Brian Ortega, new UFC star

Like few!  The impressive life of Brian Ortega, new UFC star

A new great fighter from UFC, Brian Ortega, is excited to continue growing in the company and put his last name high. The 29-year-old American marked a good stage with his rapid rise in the leading Mixed Martial Arts company. After becoming more and more known in sports, he expressed what he feels and how everything has been given to him since he was little. Almost without believing it, he has spent more than 80% of his life in sport.

“I have been training since I was five years old. So for me, I’ve had a relationship of 25, 26 years with him. When you’ve known nothing more than hitting men and punching bags and training in jiu-jitsu and MMA. I started MMA at 15, I was 11-0 amateurs when I was 19 and then I turned pro and had 15 fights there. I had two surgeries and all these things. I was always involved in that and, for some reason, when I got closer to my fight with Max, I fell in love with him, ”the American began.

From the above, Brian He also stressed: “It became more of a job than what I love. The fact that it’s a job makes you say, ‘Dude, you’re older. Do the work’. But eventually, he took this loss to say, ‘Listen, you’ve been getting away with all your other stuff, but it’s not working anymore. Now you need to improve all this. And the reason I didn’t want to improve everything else was because I was too stuck in my pride.

Love what he does

“I didn’t want to go wrestling because I know I would do it wrong. I didn’t want to go do this because, like anyone who starts something they’ve never done at a beginner level, they feel vulnerable, insecure, or don’t know how to do it. And for me, I thought, man, I don’t want that feeling. The whole world thinks I’m the man right now. I think I am the man right now, I am winning all these fights, “he stressed, about the other opportunities he had.

Closing with his words, Brian Ortega, new star of the UFCHe also noted: ‘I’m excited to go to the gym and see what the hell I’m going to learn or what I can refine again or what I can do better than I was doing before, what I can make the earth better than before. What can I do to take down the way I did with all the opponents. Let’s hit the gloves so you have cardio.

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