Will there be a bubble in the NFL? The league’s medical director made it all clear

Will there be a bubble in the NFL?  The league's medical director made it all clear

The NFL it crosses a lot of obstacles because of the pandemic in this start of the regular phase. The outbreak of positive cases in the schools is progressive, and doubts are beginning to arise about how the season will go forward if the situation continues as it is to date. The league’s medical director, Allen sills made strong statements about the idea of ​​playing in a bubble.

The situation in the NFL she `s complicated. The Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots have been among the teams most affected by the pandemic, and games have already had to be suspended due to the coronavirus outbreaks. This has opened up the debate on whether appropriate measures are being taken to contain COVID-19 in the league, and what the next steps will be.

The most suggested idea has been to copy the protocol used by the NBA, WNBA, MLS, NWSL and NHL. The leagues in question managed to completely isolate their teams in bubble venues to complete their season. However, as has been anticipated in El Intra, the NFL It is totally unfeasible to develop the season in a complex isolated from everything.

Sills rules out bubble for NFL

“We do not believe that (the concept) is the safest course of action. I think we all have to recognize that there are no perfect solutions. First of all, a bubble is not going to keep all infections out. There would be people coming and going: service workers, security, other personnel »were the words of Allen sills in a telephone interview.

The specialist expressed his doubts about the effectiveness of the bubble to keep everyone involved healthy. “We have learned from other experiences that these people may be infected. So just being in a bubble doesn’t keep us safe. We still have to take all these mitigation measures, with PPE, with symptom identification, with tests, etc., in short, preventive measures to the maximum ».

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