Will they listen to him? UFC legend cries out for Israel Adesanya vs. Jon jones

Will they listen to him?  UFC legend cries out for Israel Adesanya vs.  Jon jones

Israel Adesanya vs. Jon jones It seems to be getting closer, although one UFC legend calls for it to be as soon as possible. Daniel cormier, former Heavyweight champion, spoke with the press and made known his opinion on the possible contest. Both fighters have been sparking each other for several days on social networks, so it would be good if they do it in the cage. Even without anything official, the ex-wrestler knows what could happen between them.

«Jones wants to fight him. Everyone talks about Jones, but Jones is a fighter. He will fight you, he will fight anyone. And wants to fight Adesanya. But Izzy won’t even fight him, which is the most. It’s like constantly messing with someone but at a distance. Like, I’m far from you. I’m not saying that Adesanya is scared, ”DC began explaining, making it clear that the interest is only on one side.

At the same time, Daniel He also compared himself: ‘But, Adesanya You say, ‘I need my time. You said you were going heavyweight 10 years ago. You’re finally doing it now, why can’t I have time? ‘ It’s very fascinating the way these two interact. It’s unpleasant, but these rivalries tend to turn ugly. Jones and me, it wasn’t nice. They tend to get nasty, but that makes it fun for the fans. “

It would be a great fight

I hope they fight at some point. I think it’s a very interesting matchup and I think Adesanya is improving every time he comes out. So if I am JonesI’ll fight him sooner rather than later if I can get him there. Because remember, Adesanya He’s only been here a couple of years and now it looks like he’s going to have the belt on forever. Adesanya is one of those new guys on the Internet », he highlighted Cormier, giving merits to the Nigerian.

To close, Daniel cormier was impressed by a movement of Adesanya: “These internet guys don’t even need to verify that something is true, they use it. There is a rumor, they use it. Which is actually quite amazing because there was a rumor that Jones he hid under that cage for years. Adesanya somehow managed to get him to admit to having done it! He actually got her to admit to doing it! So obviously there is a method to his madness.

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