Becker and a titanic task: who is better: Nadal or Federer?

Becker and a titanic task: who is better: Nadal or Federer?

Rafael Nadal raised his 20th trophy Grand slam in Roland Garros and equaled the mark of Roger Federer. Boris becker he was encouraged to a titanic task: to score the blows of each one.

The 13th Roland Garros is already in the Nadal museum , and Becker scored:


Federer: 9: This shot is like a throwback to the past, to the eighties, a flatter shot than Rafa’s.

Nadal 10: A single shot where he almost hit his head in development. But that’s what gives it so much power and effect.


Federer 8: Classic old-school punch that has served Roger so well and is especially good on faster surfaces.

Nadal 8: Ten years ago it was a bit weak in terms of variety but it has improved enormously. Rafa benefits from being ambidextrous. This blow was key to winning the final on Sunday.


Federer 10: You can do pretty much whatever you want with your volley.

Nadal 9: The bottom line is their natural territory, but most players would also love to have their touch at the net.


Federer: 9: Incredibly accurate in terms of placement and choice, and difficult for his opponents to read. He also has a great second serve.

Nadal 8: At first it was a weakness. He has adapted his technique to make it more powerful and varied.


Federer 9: He’s not at the level he was ten years ago, but he’s still incredibly good for his age. Roger has always moved almost like a dancer and uses small, quick steps to get into the correct position.

Nadal 10: For someone of his size, and with his muscles, he has an incredible engine.


Federer 10: You could argue that the clay has been a bit of a weakness, but he obviously has an advantage over Rafa on the grass.

Nadal 10: Most of his majors are on clay, but he has won Wimbledon twice and, let’s not forget, four US Open in a nine-year span, plus one Australian Open.


Federer 10: He’s a ruthless competitor, but he probably does it all with a slightly bigger smile than Rafa.

Nadal 10: A little more of an open book, the Spaniard never fails to have that look of fierce determination.


Federer 10: You can’t argue with someone who’s still on top of the game when he’s not far from his 40th birthday. He still thinks he can win another Slam.

Nadal 9: I am surprised that he has stuck with his intense style of play for so long. We can’t be sure what will happen to him between now and 39, but he is very professional with his lifestyle and recovery, so he can keep playing for longer.


Federer 10+: One of the great global ambassadors of sport, and perhaps one of the most famous people in the world. You could put it next to Ali or Jordan. He’s probably even dearer than Rafa, but that’s an incredibly high bar.

Nadal 10: I met Rafa when I was 14 years old and I can honestly say that he has not changed. I think people recognize his humility and the respectful way he behaves. He is someone to greatly admire.

In Becker’s score there is Federer with 85+ and Nadal with 84. However, the German asked not to remove his former pupil, Novak Djokovic, from the GOAT race.

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