Carlos Zambrano: “Neymar is a clown”

Carlos Zambrano: "Neymar is a clown"

LIMA (EFE) – The Peruvian defender Carlos Zambrano assured that the Brazilian Neymar he is “one of the best in the world”, but he is also “a clown”, because of the way he behaved in the game of Playoffs to the Qatar World Cup 2022 that Canarinha beat Blanquirroja 2-4 last Tuesday.

“He is honestly a great player, one of the best in the world, but for me he is a real clown”declared the defender of Boca Juniors Argentine in the television program “La banda del Chino”.

Zambrano, who was expelled 86 minutes into the match played at the National Stadium in Lima for hitting forward Richarlison with his arm, considered that the French PSG star faked fouls until he was awarded two penalties from Brazil.

He added that Neymar “is aware of everything he did on the field, he is a great player but he was looking for the slightest, in the area he threw himself four or five times to see if they charged him a penalty and in the end he achieved his goal, which charged two penalties, but they were not. “

Zambrano recalled that the forward also demanded that the match referee, Chilean Julio Bascuñán, change the yellow card that he had shown at first for the red one.

“It’s Brazil and at the touch (immediately) they went to look at the VAR. Whether the play was positive or negative, they did review the images because it is Brazil,” he said, indicating that Bascuñán did not act in the same way when the Peruvians asked him to review. the images.

Zambrano also apologized for having hurt the Peruvian team with his expulsion, but assured that it was a fortuitous move.

“With a less man it is complicated, things became more complicated for us. I was not very confused about the play, I just wanted to cover the play, as he is locked in the line, but unfortunately I hit him in the face. I still apologized to him. Richarlison because it was unintentional and I was calm because I knew what had happened, “he remarked.

The result of the match, in which the Peruvians took the lead on the scoreboard twice, has generated great controversy in Peru, to the point that the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) announced that it will file a complaint against Bascuñán and his sports director , Juan Carlos Oblitas, considered that the referee was “malicious and biased.”

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