D’Onofrio: “Nacho Fernández has no substitute and it was impossible for us to accept the offers”

D'Onofrio: "Nacho Fernández has no substitute and it was impossible for us to accept the offers"

Rodolfo D’Onofrio spoke in 90 Minutes of Soccer on the future of Ignacio Fernández in River Plate, after the rumors that spoke of a possible departure to Brazilian football. With the Monumental stadium being remodeled, the president of the Millionaire did not avoid any consultation.

In addition, the president of the Millionaire referred to the departures suffered by the Marcelo Gallardo team in this transfer market, the reforms in the Monumental and the relationship it has with Juan Román Riquelme.

D’Onofrio’s most outstanding phrases in 90 Minutes of Soccer:

“Until mid-February it is stipulated that the work carried out by the Irish company with our playing field will last. We presented to AFA the request to play at River Camp in the local tournament, as was done in MLS ”.

“It was a great joy to see so many River players in the Argentine national team, but if we go into history we are going to find many times when there were many of our players.”

“It was known that Scocco was going to make the decision to leave. I understood and defended his decision because he wanted his last step there. Since last year we have been looking for Paulo Díaz because this was likely to happen with Martínez Quarta. In the last month he told me he wanted to go. Quintero’s case was like this: when the bubble started, he told Gallardo that he had an offer from China and that he wanted to leave ”.

“Nacho Fernández has no substitute. It was impossible for us to accept one of the offers that came. The clubs outside know about the problems we have here. If the player is worth ten, the club is offered three and with the rest they tempt the footballer ”.

“As a citizen of the country and of football, I ask that we make our decisions internally and if there is a majority that makes a decision, we accompany it. I accept what the majority decides, even if they do not agree. River has no decision in AFA, we do not share that there are no declines and we believe that international rights should have been sold in a different way, but we understand that the majority opted for that and we have talks with the president of AFA ”.

“The gap between Boca and River narrowed the most is in the relationship we have with their leadership. We have an absolute approach. Of course when we play we are going to do everything possible to win, but before and after the games we have to be together ”.

“Riquelme owes me a barbecue and if we have to pay half for it I have no problems. Each one sees the game as he wants, but if he invites me to La Bombonera to see the National Team in his box, I will be delighted ”.

“No offer came from Brazil for Matías Suárez. The idea is to keep the equipment as is. Some of the sales we made we wouldn’t want to have made, but when a player wants to leave… ”.

“Gallardo is an absolute leader with an obsessive capacity for work. Every player who comes to River knows that he will fight for a position ”.

“We have to manage to sell Argentine football abroad, because if not we will only continue to sell players.”

“We would be very interested in continuing to count on Borré.”

“My wish is for Gallardo to continue all the following years. He is the protagonist of the project we are carrying out, but for it to continue we depend on the country ”.

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