Kun Agüero presented his new eSports team

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Kun Agüero presented his new eSports team

Sergio Kun Agüero was very active in the virtual plane in this quarantine and now he went further, with the presentation of its new eSports team: KRÜesports.

Agüero made the presentation together with the journalist Juan Pablo Varsky and related how this project was emerging. “I was in Barcelona, ​​we were thinking about this eSports thing. The idea was to look for a name that was not with my name. We hired some people to find the name. The crew came out in English. And if we changed it to Spanish, we decided to add the KY LA U de Agüero with the two dots “.

“I did not understand anything. I received several invitations to join eSports clubs. There are several. I started to investigate a little more and everything settled for me. I thought, why give my image to a club if I don’t know who they are? , I look bad. I prefer if I look bad, do it myself. I was lucky that my brother helped me a lot and I told him that I wanted to do this. He asked me if I was crazy. I told him yes. He told me what was needed. I liked it and we started. We have been planning this from Barcelona for three months, “Kun added about the idea’s emergence.

In addition, he expressed how this was germinating since the beginning of the quarantine: “I always liked video games. The quarantine returned to me when I was a child. I was at home. I’m going to play the game. I started playing FIFA. I remember that Little (Schwartzman) invited me to the Champ Play with Dybala. I started to like him and for people to interact. “

“Since people can’t see me on the court, let them see me at home playing play. I was learning about streamers, content creators. I just have fun with people, we have a good time. I told Leo (Messi) in Barcelona. He liked it and got caught with that video. Very happy Benja. I told very few people. There are two that I told “.

Upon receiving Messi’s greeting, they asked him about Leo’s quality in the game and Kun clarified: “He’s in my team (because of Messi). I’m missing Leo in my new team and I’m waiting for my 99 letter (from FIFA). Supposedly they send it to me in October. Meanwhile, I have Ronaldo (the Brazilian).”

Agüero joined a long list of players who are venturing into this world. “More and more players are streaming. The football player is training, coming home and resting. You can’t go outside. You have to take care of yourself when you go out for a drink. At home you are calmer, you interact with people. Most of The players were happy, like Messi. He told me how well you put him in. There are players with esports club. Bale has, Ronaldinho. Azpilicueta, Reguilón. I think Neymar has long been, Casemiro is about to get one. Dani Alves. Griezmann I think too “.

About the Argentine National Team and the start of the QualifiersKun stated: “You don’t play with people. It’s not easy. Being together again. Very good. Leo was happy. Everyone wants us to play well and have possession all the time. It’s not easy to win. It’s not easy.”

“What’s more, I think that when we started, I think it was either losing or drawing. We started with two games winning. We have to be happy. It had been a long time since Argentina started winning two games. And more in Bolivia “, added.

Further, He joked with his joke to Messi after the images at the end of the game and his crossing with a member of the Bolivian coaching staff: “They’re always going to look for a but. The other one said about the ‘chirlito’ as a joke. But they sent me the links of the journalists and the pages. There are two or three that say the hilarious, the message. It was a joke. Why What do those titles put like that?

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