Kyrgios: “Whether they love me or hate me, my stadiums are always full”

Kyrgios: "Whether they love me or hate me, my stadiums are always full"

Resting in Australia, Nick kyrgios He spoke about everything in an interview with about how he is taking advantage of this moment to be with his family, as well as the criticism he receives from different parts of the circuit for his way of acting. It should be remembered that in recent weeks it was very controversial through its social networks.

First of all, the tennis player assured that he is not scared of people’s opinions and affirmed that the public appreciates honesty more than anything: “Everything I say is quite objective when I talk about things that have happened or problems. I just say it like it is, I just say what I personally think, and there will always be people who will disagree, but I think people appreciate honesty. I mean, I do it when someone talks about a topic and I’m honest and that’s what I think, “he said.

At the same time, Kyrgios added: “Whether the perception of me was that they loved me or hated me, my stadiums are always packed, TV ratings go upn, but this year with the wildfires, people were losing homes and lives, so I posted that tweet that I was donating for every ace, and it was distributed all over Australia and then globally. I don’t seek media attention by doing those things, I just realized that we could help, “he said.

In relation to how he feels having not played the last tournaments, the Australian opined: “It is something I long for and am missing. But having said that, it has given me time to focus on some of the basics of life that perhaps I have overlooked or just missed in the past years of my life. When I traveled all the time and played and was never really home, I had the perspective that ‘tennis wasn’t everything’. I could never sit and appreciate the little things and sit in one place. If I lost, I would fly to the next place, I would stay in a different hotel every week, “he said.

By last, Nick assured that he intends to return in the next edition of the Australian Open and that a great future is expected for 2021: “Crossing my fingers, I hope my body is healthy so I can compete and play well,” he concluded.

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