Official statement: “Sam Querrey and his family left in a private plane”

Official statement: "Sam Querrey and his family left in a private plane"

Confirmed by the tournament: Sam querrey and his family abandoned abandoned St. Petersburg without authorization.

Own ATP 500 St. Petersburg, in an official statement, explained the situation:

“In accordance with ATP regulations and the tournament’s sanitary protocol, all arriving players are required to pass the COVID-19 test, and only if they receive a negative result can they go to the stadium, get accredited, start preparing for the tournament and participate in it. ATP regulations require testing every 4 days of stay in the tournament, starting on the day of arrival. On arrival day, October 7, Sam Querrey and his wife passed the test, the results were negative. The test, approved on October 11 by Sam Querrey and his family, gave a positive result, which was confirmed by an immediate retest the same day. “

“In accordance with ATP protocol and the rules of Rospotrebnadzor, the main Russian authority overseeing public events, including sporting events, Sam Querrey was withdrawn from the tournament and isolated in a Four Seasons hotel room.”

“Rospotrebnadzor recommended that the organizing committee of the tournament, in addition to isolating the player, make a medical report on the health of Sam Querrey and his relatives. The tournament organized the visit of a doctor and a pediatrician from a private clinic” SOGAZ “, who They tried twice to examine Querrey, but failed because the athlete did not open the door to his room, not on October 12, referring to the boy asleep, or on October 13, despite preliminary agreement. between the tour manager of the tournament and the athlete did not lead to any results. “

“On the recommendation of the local Rospotrebnadzor and in case of confirmation of the asymptomatic course of the disease, he was supposed to transport Querrey from the hotel to self-isolation to private apartments so that the family would not feel inconvenience and did not pose a threat of infection. The committee tournament organizer has prepared first-class apartments for this purpose. “

“Sam Querrey was scheduled to retest on Thursday, October 15, however, instead of acting in accordance with ATP rules and tournament sanitary protocol, Sam Querrey, as recorded by surveillance cameras at the hotel, at 5.45 am on October 13, he left the hotel with his family without notifying the reception. As Querrey told the APR representative, he and his family left Russia in a private plane. The ATP representative passed this information to the tournament management after the repeated failed attempt to leave the medical team. “

“In accordance with the ATP regulations, the organizing committee communicates with the players about all issues that arise in the tournament through the ATP tour manager. All aspects of the relationship between the tournament and the players are regulated directly into the tournament by the ATP Tour Manager. “

“The organizing committee of the tournament has taken all the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of the players, representatives of the ATP and all the tournament services. The evaluation and qualification of the actions of the player Sam Querrey is carried out by the ATP”.

“We express our satisfaction with the interaction with the authorities of the Rospotrebnadzor of St. Petersburg and the continuation of the tournament in accordance with the adopted standards.”

Signature: The organization of the Formula TX tournament.

According to local authorities, they were obliged to stay in the city and carry out a 14 day quarantine at the hotel after meeting the positive for COVID-19.

On Wednesday, in an official statement, the ATP had explained the breach of the rules COVID-19 by one of the tennis players who disputes the final table, without giving names, an incident that they call a “serious violation of the protocol by COVID rules“and what could endanger the continuation of the Russian tournament.

The statement announces that, according to the ATP Code of Conduct, An investigation has been initiated pTo determine the punishment for violating these rules.

“The ATP is aware of an incident related to the serious breach of protocol by the COVlD-19 player at the St. Petersburg Open this week. Complying with health and safety protocols is essential to ensure that events are conducted in a proper manner. safe and within the guidelines established by local authorities. Players and members of their support team are reminded that breaches of protocol can compromise the ability of events to operate and have repercussions on the rest of the circuit. the ATP Code of Conduct, they take this matter very seriously and an investigation is ongoing. “

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