PBC’s plan is for Deontay Wilder to build his comeback against Andy Ruiz

El plan de PBC es que Deontay Wilder construya su regreso contra Andy Ruiz

Once the third fight with Tyson fury, there is a plan for the gradual return of Deontay Wilder all the way to a fight that brings him back to the fore, and that fight would be against Andy Ruiz.

This is how it reveals Mike coppinger, reporter for The Athletic, when evaluating the future of Deontay Wilder no longer the trilogy with Fury.

The plan to face Deontay Wilder with Andy Ruiz

According to the report of Coppinger There are many executives in the boxing industry who believe that Wilder It would do him good to rebuild himself again before facing Fury. They considered premature that Wilder go to the third fight right away, after the trauma of his loss in the second fight.

“There is a stage,” he wrote Coppinger, “in which Wilder returns with a fight to build him confidence, while Ruiz, which surprised Joshua last year to win the heavyweight title, he comes back from his defeat in the rematch (with Joshua) against Chris Arreola“.

Once both fighters get off those first engagements, they would be ready to go head to head. That would be the promoter’s plan PBC.

“So much Wilder how Ruiz they are in the stable of PBC“He added Coppinger. “Who says no to a fight between two former heavyweight champions next year? It’s certainly one of the best fights you can have in boxing, with two of the biggest stars in boxing (heavyweight). “

In this way, depending on the version of Coppinger, in the promoter PBC are thinking of a high profile fight between Deontay Wilder Y Andy Ruiz.

The situation in heavy duty for 2021

Yes Anthony Joshua Y Tyson fury They get involved in more than one fight, as is the plan, they would be busy practically all of 2021. And then, there would be no chance for other fighters to aim for a title. And so much Wilder how Andy Ruiz they will want to keep open their chances of having a big fight again. That way, in addition, they would be in the anteroom to fight again for a world title.

Andy Ruiz has a fight scheduled for November 7 that has yet to be officially confirmed against Chris Arreola. It’s a fight so Ruiz get back to activity. He hasn’t fought since last December when he received a boxing chair in the rematch against Anthony Joshua.

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