The details of the agreement between the CABB and the Spanish Soccer League

Los detalles del acuerdo entre la CABB y La Liga de fútbol de España

Today I am proud to be announcing this agreement with the Spanish Football League, an entity that I admire for its management. It is an important moment not only for the CABB but for Argentine sports. We have a common vision of promoting sports and the entertainment industry. And I believe that with this alliance we can empower ourselves to learn”. In this way, Fabián Borro began the press conference that was held to announce the collaboration agreement between the entity that he presides (CABB) and LaLiga de España. At his side, Marc Tarradas, the delegate of the Spanish soccer entity in the Southern Cone.

The Professional Football League is a pioneer in aspects such as digital strategies, applied technology and budget control and we want to go in the same direction”Was the way in which Borro summarized this agreement, which at least, in its beginnings, will seek to develop three points, without any economic exchange. The first will have to do with the Financial Fair Play, a control program with rules to improve the financial health of clubs.

The second point has to do with the audiovisual strategy based on OTT, an alternative form of TV that is already advancing in the world without the involvement of traditional operators. “LaLiga has already advanced a lot in that sense, it has a developed streaming platform, and we will seek to have our OTT for Argentine basketball, with a more global vision, thinking of reaching other countries, as happens in Spain, where there are 500,000 compatriots and surely some of them wanting to see Argentine basketball, “said Borro.

The third issue to be promoted will have to do with a program that LaLiga has to, based on different criteria, put together the match schedule (days and times) and that Argentine basketball could use in the future. “We use the algorithm in two moments of the season, first to schedule the days depending on the season of the year in which we are and, in a second, for the day to day, to establish the schedules of each game”, specified Tarradas.

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