Will they do it? Daniel Ricciardo unveiled some details of the podium tattoo

Daniel Ricciardo

The podium obtained in the last weekend in the Eifel Grand Prix it wasn’t free for the team Renault. Daniel Ricciardo I had bet with the team leader, Cyril Abiteboul, that if they reached the top three before the season ends, they would get a tattoo. However, after the race was over, the details of the design had not yet been released.

As I had advanced Daniel Ricciardo, the tattoo design would be something related to the country where the podium had been obtained, in this case Germany. Further, Abiteboul He said that he would choose the size and location of the drawing. The podium obtained by Ricciardo It is the first for the French team in nine years. The previous one had been Vitaly Petrov in 2011, in the Australian Grand Prix.

This Wednesday, the official Instagram account of the team Renault shared some images of Daniel Ricciardo starting to work on tattoo design. In them you can see the Australian pilot very concentrated drawing a kind of badger. The reason for the choice is that it is a very common animal in these European areas. In addition, the basis of the diet is honey and the nickname of Ricciardo is ‘Honey Badger’.

The reason for the nickname

It was not very clear why he received the nickname Ricciardo. But this Wednesday he made it clear where it comes from. “It was my trainer, who had shown me a documentary about the animal and said, ‘Hey, this animal is great!’ and to me it seemed incredible. Then he said that he thought I shared many qualities with the honey badger and I thought ‘I think so’. So it all started there and I think I’ve done a good job keeping the nickname. “

The doubts? by Abiteboul

After a few days, Cyril Abiteboul said he didn’t know how he had bet with Ricciardo A tattoo. Despite the doubts that he generated in the French, since he does not have any tattoos, he made it clear that he will fulfill the bet. It’s not really my style, I guess that’s why I made the bet. But I am a man of my word so I will »

The design that Ricciardo thought of. Source: Renault

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