Koeman puts a stop to Griezmann: “I decide and it is the best for the team”

Koeman puts a stop to Griezmann: "I decide and it is the best for the team"

BARCELONA – Ronald Koeman revealed that on Thursday he had a talk with Antoine Griezmann “about his position in the field” and discovered that he made things clear, both indoors and also in front of the media, proclaiming that whoever commands “is the coach” and that the player must adapt to the “needs of the team.”

After the French forward’s statements at the end of his team’s game against Croatia in which he explained that Didier Deschamps “does know where to put me,” Koeman did not want to be particularly upset but, equally, he did not shy away from talking about the matter and sent him a message very clear.

“He can play in various positions, but I told him that I look for the best for the team and I think that his position is on the right with freedom,” explained the Barcelona coach, a friend of clear speeches, of not beating around the bush and of commanding Obvious messages to his footballers when he understands necessary.

If a few weeks ago he already left a message to Dembélé, announcing that he had several colleagues ahead of him in the fight for a place in the team, Griezmann seemed to make it clear that his complaints will not find understanding on his part.

“I remember a game between the Netherlands and France that played on the right,” he revealed as casually and clearly, confirming that the position of 10 is one “and we cannot end up playing with ten players in that position.”

“Everyone has the right to say things. We know that this type of thing can happen but in the end I decide what is best for the team and then each player has to get the most out of it,” Koeman stressed, solving that “it is not necessary discuss this issue. “

The Barça coach, however, did not want to be especially acid with Griezmann, transferring with that direct message another in which he was closer to revealing that the French forward “is doing the maximum he can do. Working hard, being very disciplined and be lucky in your offensive qualities. “

“There were four or five offensive plays that had to get more performance,” he recalled referring to the chances of scoring not completed by the Frenchman but did not want to enter the game when asked if he would have spoken with the same tone if the player in question it would have been Messi.

“You don’t have to talk so much about individual players. No player can be compared to another. For me there is no topic. It could be much more for you” he said, making it clear that “I have no problem with Antoine.”

“My job here is to get the most out of each one. I can only play with eleven. And one can play as 9, another as 7, another two as pivots … This is our system. I don’t put any player other than in his position. Griezmann can play on the inside band, he’s left-handed and can get the performance, “he concluded.

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