Ameal and the Boca market: “You can’t buy and sell players every day, you don’t have a team”

Ameal and the Boca market: "You can't buy and sell players every day, you don't have a team"

Jorge Amor Ameal gave an extensive interview where he touched on all the issues related to the current affairs of Boca Juniors: the transfer market, the relationship with the previous leadership, the Football Council, Riquelme and much more.

“We are the champions, we have a good team and we are very, very happy. We are, as Román would say: happy,” Ameal said in dialogue with ‘Pipí Cucú’, in Late 93.1.

On the issues of the pass market and with the case that arose in the week, due to the statements of the Football Council on the sales of the previous leadership, Ameal clarified: “Salvio’s thing is that they could not convert our pesos into dollars, we are on the path of peace and love, adding people. That speaks of a broad criterion. Everything the Council said is true. We knew that there were outstanding fees. The issue is that the debts had not been paid. We are going to solve it. The Salvio issue is resolved. “

“We have a CD meeting and we are going to give these details, and we are going to explain all this next week. The one who knows this best is the partner and who told that leadership ‘enough’. Beyond the audit, we are going to give reports. The pandemic stopped us a lot. Everything that the boys of the Football Council said we are going to solve with reports, “added President Xeneize.

Faced with the austere market and the lack of reinforcements, Ameal said: “There are cases that never existed (by names that were mentioned), Another issue is that we are with a dollar with a very large difference. Everyone wants to play for the best club in the world, then there’s the financial part. The team that before the elections could not be champion in any way … Carlitos (Tevez) recovered, countless players, players who doubted ownership, and ends up being champion. Boca was used to incorporating ten players per year, we want a stable team. It is not a finance company, it is a soccer club, and give priority to the Lower “.

“I don’t know if they sold well or badly, what I was saying is that you can’t buy and sell every day, when that happens you don’t have equipment. The past has to help me know what not to do, “he added.

In addition, the leader made reference to the cases of several players in particular.

We encourage you to come to work, his job is to train. Boca wants Almendra to play, not for him not to play. Faced with the refusal, we have to intimate him to take care of the heritage. “

“First they arrived on loan and then the president came out saying things that are not serious, a new offer appeared and the Football Council answered him very well, and we did not have any answer. In life you have to be serious, no more or less serious. I don’t think it is serious that he asks again (for Villa) “.

“We have behaved very well with him, but these are decisions. We took a club with contracts to expire, it was an atomic bomb: Tevez, Zárate … All on the verge of expiration and that is not good. We must anticipate all this Afterwards, obviously, the players have rights and they have to be respected. Everything that happened, young players who have left … “.

Finally, he referred to his relationship with Juan Román Riquelme and his role in the club: “Riquelme is fully prepared to be the president of Boca. He is very capable. He lived all these issues from within the club, he grows up, he reads, they have international relations. Super prepared, but it’s his decision. “

“I told him one day, he has to go to all the provinces to say goodbye, but today he plays on the entire pitch, did you see that he used to throw himself away and think about everything he was going to do? Well, now he plays in all positions, is total his game. We are happy with what he is doing for the club. When he said that it is the patio of his house, no longer. It is his house, “he closed on the possibility of a farewell on the field.

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