Getafe vs. Barcelona – Match Report – October 17, 2020

Getafe vs.  Barcelona - Match Report - October 17, 2020

BARCELONA (JORDI BLANCO) – Koeman’s Barça’s light went out in Getafe. A penalty transformed by Jaime Mata was enough for the Bordalás team to win (1-0) and break the charm that this new Barça could have that so much, and so dramatically, resembled last season. Without ideas, without intensity, without continuity and without grit, it was fatal for the Barça team to wear pink and ended up consuming a nightmare night.

Four times, four, Barça had. Two in the first half and as part of a game to forget and others in the addition of the second, in Messi’s deflected shot and a final deflection to the crossbar. Between one thing and another, he was bored by the discomfort of playing in Getafe, where he fulfilled winning in the last four seasons, without having a single clear idea in the 96 minutes that the game lasted.

It could be said that it was a night to forget … But perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that it was a night to remember, to keep in mind and know what it is that Barça should not do on the pitch. Because it became clear that this is not the way.

Koeman opted for retouching the eleven, with some first rotations in which Dembélé and Pedri entered in place of Ansu and Coutinho, while Sergiño Dest debuted as a left-handed side due to Jordi Alba’s injury. The very young Pedri stood out, for his impudence and vision in the combination, Dest showed a good predisposition in the band, assisting Messi in a shot at the stick and Dembélé … He failed, simply and simply, in the examination he had to submit the coach, who endured him for an hour until he changed for Ansu.

By then Getafe was already winning thanks to the controversial penalty, decreed by De Jong’s stomp on Djene that Mata transformed, breaking a tie that seemed untouchable both due to the lack of consistency in the Barça game and the rival’s conservative bet, satisfied with that 0-0 that could only think of breaking in a specific or lucky play, as it was.

Little participatory Messi, fallón, again, Griezmann, Dembélé disappeared and little less than invisible De Jong, Koeman’s team had a hard time being seen. As if that were not enough, that intensity and pressure that the coach proclaims so much disappeared, there was no depth and speed in the movement of the ball and only loose plays seemed to be able to break the resistance, calm, of Getafe.

Messi was able to do it at 20 minutes by sending a dry first shot, an assist from Dest to the post and then, at half an hour, Griezmann, in the only positive appearance of

Dembélé who combined with Pedri to give the Frenchman the easy ball, who only in front of Soria sent the ball to the clouds.

Little, very little, Barça offered both in the first half and in the second until reaching the final stretch, minute 80, Trincao and Braithwaite came in instead of Griezmann and De Jong, also pointed out by the coach in his desperate search for avoid his first loss in eight years to a visit to a stadium in which he won consecutively the last four seasons.

Getafe still had two golden chances to finish the match with two shots from Hernández, the first to the crossbar and the second to the clouds, with Barça totally broken on the field, with no other system than the urgency to avoid disaster.

Without order or calm, Barça ended in a real fatal nightmare, trying without more. Because there was no more. Nothing more to say about a Barça tragically similar to that of a past that nobody wants to remember.

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