Giant! Brian Ortega’s viral gesture before fighting in Fight Island 6

Giant!  Brian Ortega's viral gesture before fighting in Fight Island 6

The American fighter who is a star of the UFC today, Brian Ortega, surprised everyone in these hours. In the UFC preview Fight island 6, the American appeared in the first face to face with his usual look: long and straight hair. Now, in the last confrontation before the fight with «The Korean Zombie»Of this Saturday, he was totally bare and everything had a real cause.

“We have a camera and we document the whole weight cut, showing how smooth it was and everything, so people on the internet just like to say negative things up front. I was already going to cut my hair after this fight. I was going to have it a bit slicked back, not shaved, but when I was losing weight, I was talking to them, I told them they were listening, there are people who are suffering daily instead of just one day at this time, “the American began. .

In turn, Brian also recognized the following in this regard, making clear what happened in these hours: “For me, I cut weight. We suffer a day or two, then we are fine and back to normal. There are people who have to lose their hair not by choice and who go through a lot and for me children, obviously I love children, so I am donating my hair to children who need it.

His words in the previous

“I didn’t want to go wrestling because I know I would do it wrong. I didn’t want to go do this because, like anyone who starts something they’ve never done at a beginner level, they feel vulnerable, insecure, or don’t know how to do it. And for me, I thought, man, I don’t want that feeling. The whole world thinks I’m the man right now. I think I’m the man right now, I’m winning all these fights, “he said earlier.

Closing with his words, Brian OrtegaHe had also noted hours ago: “I’m excited to go to the gym and see what the hell I’m going to learn or what I can perfect again or what I can do better than what I was doing before, what I can make the earth better than before. What can I do to take down the way I did with all the opponents. Let’s hit the gloves so you have cardio.

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