Go and go! Israel Adesanya once again insulted Jon Jones and exploits the rivalry

Go and go!  Israel Adesanya once again insulted Jon Jones and exploits the rivalry

There is no doubt that Israel Adesanya Y Jon jones They do not have a good relationship, which is demonstrated on social networks. Two of the UFC’s greatest legends are still very racy on Twitter, shooting themselves with very thick ammunition to try to see each other in the cage. The reigning Middleweight champion insulted the former Light Heavyweight leader. Although they are more than the words that have been thrown in the last time, everything indicates that they will collide at some point.

“I only talk about him when they ask me about him, I never mention him in interviews. You just asked me about him, so I’m talking about him now. But every time I fight, no one asks him anything, but he always mentions me. You know why? Because he is afraid. He knows that I know that he is scared. Here’s the thing: keep saying, ‘Are you really ready to gain weight?’ Are you really ready to gain weight? ”Began by expressing the best fighter in history.

For its part, Adesanya he opined on Jones’ move to the Heavy. “It’s been so close since 2013 that he’s been joking, ‘I’m going to move up to heavyweight.’ It’s 2020. Will you ever be ready to gain weight? However, they are trying to get me to gain weight early so they can catch me. Hear this, the guy cleaned up his division. Instead of gaining weight, what do you do? He begins to fight against the halflings who came up ».

Many fans want this match

“He’s talking about that. I don’t even care what he does. I’m still going for it. Like regardless of when you win, when you lose or whatever. I am coming for him. That’s a fight I want because I want to prove a point. I just want to prove a point. He doesn’t want that smoke. I’m not saying you can’t get it right. I think he will possibly do very well at heavyweight, but he doesn’t want that smoke because he’s scared, ”remarked the Nigerian fighter.

To close with his words, Israel Adesanya He mentioned this: “Maybe he did something stupid, he was forced to loosen his belt and keep it a secret. Another hit and run. Another binge. Another bender. Who knows. But for me, I have done it in kickboxing. I went up to heavyweight. I did it in boxing, I beat Brian Minto who was a former world heavyweight champion in boxing. I’m going to do it in MMA. I’m not a guy who makes fun of that, he doesn’t.

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