Terrible! Daniel Cormier’s advice to Israel Adesanya that is all the rage in the networks

Terrible!  Daniel Cormier's advice to Israel Adesanya that is all the rage in the networks

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Daniel cormier, gave advice to Israel Adesanya and it went viral on the networks. The now sports commentator is still closely linked to Mixed Martial Arts, so day after day he gives something to talk about. Now, he himself once again complimented the reigning middleweight champion, who crushed Paulo Costa in his last contest. In this way, his words made noise.

“What Adesanya it did to Paulo Costa, it made him still delirious. I like Paulo Costa. Paulo Costa says: ‘Sign the contract’. What contract? There is no contract, Paulo, he is not coming. After what happened a couple of weeks ago, there is no contract. Go fight someone and take it. Izzy, leave him alone. You keep bothering Paulo Costa, he’s dead. Paulo Costa is dead. Leave the guy alone. You put pictures of the guy on the Internet, you kick him when he’s depressed, ”DC began.

Great support to Adesanya

At the same time, Daniel He also added the following to his words: “It’s a different world these guys operate in today, man. Usually you win and you move on, but man, for days, I started to feel bad for Paulo Costa. And then when he started to respond, it actually got worse. Come on, man, just give him a lick and don’t even say anything. That was crazy. It was crazy. I’ve never seen anyone do something like that.

“But Israel Adesanya is the same boy in his debut in UFC, Izzy walks over to the pole and acts like she comes off and pees on the side of the octagon. He says, ‘This is my house now. This is my territory. ‘ Marking your place. So it’s like nothing Adesanya does surprises you. That was crazy. However, here is the point, people comment on him and make these references about his personal life, “added the former UFC champion.

To close, Daniel cormier he left a few more words to Israel Adesanya: «Many times, when people say things about you, if you play with that, they will shut up. I think Izzy did that to Paulo. But I mean, that’s the most disrespectful thing it seems. That’s why I say leave him alone, man. The guy is dead. Leave him alone. It can’t do anything else to it. Leave him alone, bro, come on, man. Leave this guy alone, man. And I also like Paulo Costa. I felt bad for him, I felt really bad for him, because he didn’t deserve to have him like this. That was horrible”.

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