The keys to Siri Salido to beat Lomachenko


Orlando “Siri” Exited revealed what were his keys to beat Vasyl Lomachenko, in March 2014 when the Ukrainian played his second professional match.

“When I fought with Lomachenko, I was on top of him. I tried not to give him distance and not to let him think, “he said. Orlando Salido to ESPN. “If you let him think, he starts with his side steps, his movements, his left-handed guard, and that makes him very dangerous.”

Staying glued to his rival, reducing his possibilities to the existing minimum and canceling his spaces, were the main tools of Siri.

“We knew we had to make him uncomfortable, not let him think and be on top of him to give him a good fight. That happened that night, “he said. Stepped out.

The power that the Ukrainian carries in his fists could have represented a major danger for the Mexican, if he did not neutralize it immediately.

“I planned to be there, always by his side, with blows. Without letting him think, without letting him act. We knew he was a fighter with many weapons ”, emphasized the native of Ciudad Obregón.

Stepped out He also spoke about the Ukrainian’s punch.

I didn’t feel his power during the fight, but his body blows were brutal, “he revealed. Stepped out. “In the last two rounds he caught me with two hooks to the liver that made me duck. I really felt them. “

The Mexican fighter also confessed because there was never a rematch against Lomachenko.

“I wanted revenge, but they didn’t want to pay,” he said. Stepped out. “I was willing to give him a chance for revenge, but I wanted to sell my loss, I wanted to get paid. When we fought for the first time, he was a phenomenon, a great fighter and he won like five times more than me.

The fierce cross between Salido and Lomachenko

Orlando Salido Y Vasyl Lomachenko They met on March 1, 2014, in the second official presentation of the Ukrainian.

The contest was a true war from beginning to end, with many hits in each round and offensive positions on both sides.

Once the lawsuit is over, Stepped out beat Lomachenko by split decision. The first of the cards gave the Ukrainian the winner 115-113, while the other two were 116-112 and 115-113 for the Mexican.

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