To death for the championship! The preview of the MotoGP Aragon Grand Prix


This Sunday will take place the tenth date of the championship of MotoGP, in the Aragon circuit. In this weekend’s test the championship will have one of the most important moments of the year. The parity between riders and brands has all motorcycling fans on edge. The absence of Marc Márquez it generated that the rest of competitors took advantage of the empty space generated by the Spanish.

The weekend began with the bomb of the year. Valentino rossi was confirmed positive for COVID-19 and will miss at least the first test at MotorLand. Rossi began with symptoms in the run-up to his trip to Spanish soil and decided not to take his flight, despite the fact that the two quick tests were negative.

The power of Yamaha, the envy of Rossi

The absence of ‘Vale’ only highlights the bad luck that this season is having. The Yamaha are having one of the best weekends of the year, and the Italian will not be able to be part of the grid. In all the practice sessions and in qualifying, at least one motorcycle of the Japanese brand took the best time.

The miracle of Quartararo

When it all seemed like the weekend of Fabio Quartararo was going to sink, the French pulled an ace from his sleeve. In the first round of training he had a very spectacular fall, had to be removed on a stretcher and everything indicated that he was going to lose the rest of the competition. However, in the qualifying test, the Yamaha rider Petronas unleashed the full potential of his engine and took pole. Now it must seal the weekend, under the cold of Aragon.

Sunday race times

On Saturday morning it was confirmed that this Sunday’s race will be one hour later than scheduled. The cold that surrounds the Aragon track did not allow the different tests to develop normally. Starting at 10:00 AM in Buenos Aires and Montevideo; while 09.00 AM in Santiago, Caracas, La Paz and Asunción. As for Bogotá, Panama, Lima and Mexico City it will be from 08.00 AM. The race will be broadcast on the ESPN network.

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