Hot duel! Packers attack Tom Brady: “Aaron Rodgers would never do that”

Tom Brady

This Sunday there will be one of the most anticipated matches of the season: Buccaneers against the Packers. That is to say, Tom brady against Aaron Rodgers, two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and that will go down in history for their enormous quality. However, from Green Bay they have warmed up the game with statements about the error that Brady made last week.

“Come on man. I’m pretty sure my quarterback knows what the fourth down is, you know what I mean? That’s what I’m saying, with Aaron Rodgers that would never happen. Never. You know what I mean? He’s too smart for that, ”explained the Packers running back, Jamaal williamsIn words to the New York Post that Brady will surely not like.

Tom Brady’s mistake

In the duel against the Bears, Tom brady made one of his worst mistakes of the season and his entire career. With the score 20-19, the quarterback had the last play to overcome the score against Chicago. However, he wasted the fourth opportunity, because he thought he had one more left, even with his hand he made the sign that there was one more left. The fact earned him various ridicules and Williams himself insisted that Rodgers is very different.

We would never be in that kind of situation because Aaron Rodgers He is always ready, always looking at the clock. We have too many people who are too ready to start. We’ve been in those kinds of pressure situations before so I feel like it’s natural for us to keep up with everything and play. I would never expect that from my son (Rodgers), ”added the Packers running back.

Their last confrontation?

This Sunday’s meeting between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady is only the third in all their careers, and perhaps it could be their last. In history, each one boasts a triumph, so today the balance will tip. So far, the Buccaneers are 3-2 and lead the National Conference South. While the Packers have a perfect 4-0 record with Rodgers at the helm.

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