In an emotional fight, Teófimo López defeated Lomachenko and is the new universal champion in lightweight

En una emotiva pelea, Teófimo López venció a Lomachenko y es nuevo campeón universal en los ligeros

In a big fight Teofimo Lopez defeated by unanimous decision Vasiliy Lomachenko to become the new undisputed world champion by all four agencies in the lightweight division Saturday night in Las Vegas.

It was a fight clearly divided into two halves. The first section of the fight through the sixth round was a lot of study, and few punches. There were only isolated blows, without combinations or continuity in the action. As proof of this, is that the first hug of the fight came until the sixth round. But the one who looked most comfortable in that first half of the fight was Teofimo Lopez, who dominated the Ukrainian who could not find rhythm or distance.

And the second half seemed to charge to the side of Lomachenko. The Ukrainian turned on the accelerator from the seventh round. He went to the front, became the aggressor and began to chase Lopez looking to box and keep his distance.

Maybe, Lomachenko he sinned as a scholar. He let go of the middle of the fight delivering little action, and finding no fight rhythm. When he tried to enter he ran into the hands of Lopez who made his power felt and managed to stop the Ukrainian in his tracks when he sought to enter. And it is that in that first half of the fight, Lopez he was the one who countered well. This was how I stopped Lomachenko.

Likewise, Lopez systematically punished the body Lomachenko to try to undermine mobility. In the fifth round, for example, Theophimus he dedicated himself to piercing Lomachenko’s body. It is true that Theophimus He didn’t look like the great explosive puncher we knew, but his strategy was discussed below. And so he earned points.

At the end of six rounds, the unofficial LEFT PUNCH had to Theophimus Lopez winning the fight 58 to 56 over Lomachenko. Theophimus had won four rounds, and Lomachenko two.

But from the seventh, Lomachenko began to come back in the fight. He became the aggressor. It was as if he knew he was losing the fight. It was like Lomachenko, the best Libra for Libra in the world, realized in that moment that his legacy and his place in history was at stake.

Until that moment, Lomachenko had felt the powerful punch of Teofimo Lopez every time I sought to enter. You could see it in his eyes, in his gestures, and in the way his fighting rhythm changed when he felt his hands. Theophimus.

But, from the seventh round onwards, Lomachenko he knew he had no choice but to go to the front. Risk being hit by Lopez to be able to start scoring points and seek to overcome the disadvantage.

The eighth round was that of a new fight. Excessive study rounds, niceties and chess were left behind. We saw exchanges, combinations, attacks. The intense rhythm that Lomachenko imprinted on his boxing made us look overwhelmed for the first time at Theophimus Lopez in the fight.

The following rounds, the dominance of Lomachenko who clearly marked the jab and found his rhythm. He was already able to connect combinations, and give continuity to the jab. Lopez allowed many points because the jab of Lomachenko, occupying his hands in pushing Knoll back instead of protecting himself from the jab.

In round 11, Lomachenko it crowned his dominance over the second half of the fight. It matched effectively, and was more accurate than Teofimo Lopez, who at times seemed overwhelmed again by the rhythm of the Ukrainian.

The last round took it Theophimus, thanks to connected with more power over a Lomachenko making the last attempt to win the fight. Lomachenko I took the risks, and Lopez he capitalized on those oversights with power. In that last round it seemed that one of the two could go to the canvas, and it seemed more feasible than Knoll it was. In the struggle Lomachenko He landed an accidental headbutt that opened a sharp gash to Lopez over the right eye.

From rounds seven to 12, the unofficial card of LEFT PUNCH saw win four rounds to Lomachenko, and two to Lopez.

The unofficial card of LEFT PUNCH marked a tie at 114. Same appreciation of Andre Ward, who was scoring the card for ESPN on the television broadcast.

It was certainly an even fight with two very marked halves of dominance for each fighter. But the cards were puzzling. One was 116-112, another was 119-109 and the third was 117-111, all in favor of Teofimo Lopez. All three cards were loose for a fight that was much closer than that.

But that does not detract in anything the triumph of Teofimo Lopez. With an experience much less than Vasiliy Lomachenko he put the you for you with the Ukrainian. He showed him that he is not just a puncher, but that he knows how to think about the ring, that he can box, and that he can compete against the best fighter in the world. Lomachenko, like a lion, he adjusted and risked when he realized that it was necessary because the fight was going and as a great champion he was able to come back on the cards until tightening the fight.

Maybe it wasn’t the fight full of thunder and lightning that was expected, but it was a fight where there was everything. Where we saw the veteran shine, and where we saw the young emerge.

There is a new universal world champion in lightweight, and his name is Teofimo Lopez. Although because of the controversy of those baggy cards, it seems very possible that this story will continue. The saga of Lomachenko Y Theophimus Lopez It just started with this fight.

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