Is it coming? Increase the chance of the cross between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Michael Chandler

Is it coming?  Increase the chance of the cross between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Michael Chandler

Chael sonnen, expeller of UFC and legend of Mixed Martial Arts, revealed an impressive fact of Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Russian has a surname in mind for what is coming, so he begins to dream of outside in order to challenge him inside the most important cage in the world. The former Bellator, Michael Chandler, He signed an agreement with the company that Dana White commands and everything indicates that he would go after the title of the category.

“(Khabib) said, ‘Chael, I watch your videos, I need to tell you something. I want to make this very clear. There is no one closer to me than Islam. ‘ And he said, ‘I’m telling you right now, if Michael Chandler beats Islam, I will see Michael Chandler as the number one contender, and I want you to get the message across.’ I said, ‘Okay, Khabib, when I get the message I’ll say you called me, you told me this.’ He says, ‘That’s what I’m doing. Send that message, ‘”the UFC expeller began.

Continuing along the same lines, Chael also commented: “I was wondering just a little why they told me that in terms of there is no way that Chandler was offered Islam and Chandler said no. Usually when I get a phone call like this, it’s because a guy doesn’t come to the table. I’d be surprised to hear that happen. It is really very interesting, from now on, to think that this can happen in the UFC.

The expectation grows

“I am very sure to tell you that that did not happen. I am very confident. Michael Chandler will step in and fight anyone. In fact, you are waiting for that call to come. I think this is really simple. Islam needs to ask Chandler, “Do you want to fight me?” Get Sean Shelby, participate and make the fight “, also expressed the ex-fighter of Mixed Martial Arts.

To close, Chael sonnen He is excited to see the fight that many want: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Michael Chandler. “I am in that game. Khabib just sweetened the pot. He didn’t say Chandler would be next, he said, ‘I’ll see him as the number one contender.’ We all know what that means. Khabib is a man of honor. He is a man of respect. If Khabib sees you as the boy, you will be the boy who will face Khabib, ”he closed.

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