Lethal! The spicy words of Justin Gaethje that threaten Khabib Nurmagomedov

Lethal!  The spicy words of Justin Gaethje that threaten Khabib Nurmagomedov

Next Saturday the most anticipated fight of the year will arrive, where Justin gaethje Y Khabib Nurmagomedov they will face each other. For this reason, the American still dreams of being the first person in the world who can beat the Russian, whom they have not yet found a way to dominate in the cage. This will be the champion’s first contest, after what was the loss of his father and coach months ago, due to the coronavirus.

«I create damage and I hope to do much to it. If I just miss and just cut back, it’s still damage, damage done. In a 25 minute fight, I will create damage in one way or another. The thing about Tony (Ferguson) is that Tony loves that. And one sure thing about Khabib is that he does not love that. We will see what happens in the cage, but I think I will not have many problems against him, “began the number one contender.

Anxiety grows in the final week

On the other hand, Justin also admires the potential of Khabib. In this way, he commented the following: “His main priority is not to be harmed, so that he can live a quality life and that is admirable. But when I hurt you, where does your mind go when your first thought is, ‘Don’t get hurt?’ I don’t know, I’m excited to see your reaction to that. I’m talking about nerve damage, the bone that touches the bone.

“When a person’s bone touches another person’s bone, something has to give there. It is physical. It is as true as it can be. I think he’s crazy. I think it’s been cut, but I don’t think it sustained sustainable damage like leg kicks, body shots and things like that. I don’t think anyone could have done that, “added the American to his remarks, making it clear what he thinks of the next fight on his list.

Closing with his sayings, Justin gethje He explained: “Obviously it’s huge, but internally you have to stay level, you have to stand firm. I can’t do this great event because it’s 25 minutes and you have to be perfect in that time. That’s all I’m preparing for. They have been very tough weeks and we are in the best possible way for this fight. There is less and less to return to the Octagon.

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