Mayweather mostró cuánto ganó en apuesta por triunfo de Teófimo López

Floyd mayweather boasted in social networks that he won more than $ 20,000 with a bet on the victory of Teofimo Lopez on Vasiliy Lomachenko Saturday night.

In their social networks, Floyd showed the bet ticket.

It was a right bet in which Mayweather invested 6,500 dollars in favor of the triumph of Teofimo Lopez, to win 20,150. And pocket a total of $ 26,650.

“A slight triumph”, he posted Mayweather in a pun on the undisputed lightweight title he got Teofimo Lopez.

It is not the first time Floyd mayweather shows how much you won in sports betting. He is a frequent bettor, in NBA basketball games as well as in American football games. And the sums you invest in gambling are often stratospheric.

In this case, it is surprising that the amount wagered on Teofimo Lopez It was modest compared to what you usually bet. However, it gives a good account of the boxing instinct that he has Floyd mayweather to see win the fighter who was underprivileged in the odds.

Teofimo Lopez defeated Vasiliy Lomachenko by unanimous decision to become the new unified lightweight champion.